1900+ hr account banned in warthunder after months of not playing, what now?

after months of not playing the game, I finally decided to install the most recent patch only to log on and find out my account has been banned for “breach of paragraph 3.2.3 relating to bots/mods” so 1 I never modded the game and 2 definitely never botted, which leaves 2 options either the mod team fucked up or my account was compromised, and I was never told.

At this point I am unsure what to do as I lost an account with over 1900+ hours on it and an ungodly amount of money and I can’t even begin to understand why. does anyone know how to get this reversed

Try contacting support telling them your story.

already on it

at least its a free to play game, get a new email and start the grind over.

My account has also been banned, and I even found abnormal login records on my account. I submitted screenshots to support, but the problem was not resolved. They still decided to mistakenly ban my account. I invested a lot of money in my account and planned to make a big purchase during the summer promotion. However, this incorrect ban prevented my purchase

We cannot help you on our forum.
We will not discuss your ban on our forum. We have no tools here to check, if the one who cheated was you, your brother, your friend or someone else (put random person from internet here), sorry.
All issues with your in game account needs to be discussed directly with Support.

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