155GH52-SP-T55 SPG prototype: Finnish Brutality

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This is the suggestion post for the Finnish 155GH52-SP-T55 SPG! This unique prototype was developed as a part of the export sales of the Finnish 155GH52 gun-howitzer to Egypt.

In the finalized contract between Patria and Egypt besides the sale of the howitzers and their licences there was also an obligation to develop a prototype SPG for the Egyptian Armed Forces, using the T-55 chassis and the 155GH52. And thus the 155GH52-SP-T55 SPG was born.

In War Thunder this vehicle would add to the increasing number of artillery vehicles with niche but fun uses, it might also function as a kind of “Finnish VFW” as it could possibly have a modification to go into battle with the sides raised or lowered to make players consider a slightly faster reload and turret traverse at the cost of being way more vulnerable.


In the contract Egypt had also specified that the prototype should share as much commonality with the towed version of the howitzer as possible. Because of this it was impossible to use a modern turret assembly for the prototype, since it would have had to get rid of too much of the original mechanisms used. Hence the reason why the “turret” is basically just the gun with some light armorplates around it to shield it from shrapnel.

When set up to fire, the top cover had to be opened so that the gun could operate properly (the sides weren’t completely lowered so they still provided some shrapnel protection), and the hydraulic spade at the rear had to be dug in to stabilise the chassis. If fired outside of the frontal 30 degree arc, there was also an extra pair of hydraulically lowered support legs that helped stabilize the vehicle, they were added to the prototype later on.

The prototype went through extensive trials, but in the end it was never procured, despite the Egyptian military having been quite satisfied with its performance.

  • Crew: no certain sources on this one, but it was most likely to have been 5 or 6 (driver, gunner, 2-3 loaders and a commander), if you have any information relating to this I would be extremely glad if you could share them!
  • Combat weight: again no certain sources but combining the T-55’s and the 155GH52’s weight it would have been somewhere around 50 tonnes
  • Engine: V-55 12-cyl diesel (582 hp)
  • Speed: forward 50 km/h reverse 7 km/h
  • Armor protection: the armor on the chassis is identical in layout to the one used on the T-55A, and whilst the exact thickness of the armor used on the gunshield isn’t listed on any sources (that I could find) we can still make a reasonable assumption that it would have been between 5-20mm in thickness, because it was only meant to protect the crew from shrapnel and small arms fire.
  • Gun elevation: -6 to 66 degrees
  • Turret traverse: 360 degrees
  • Armament: 155mm 155GH52
  • Ammunition: a maximum of 45 shells could be stored with 49 pieces of propellant
  • Ammunition types: no certain sources again, but considering that the 155GH52 was designed to fire all types of 155mm ammunition it leaves a lot of leeway for what kind of shells it would get. This next part is purely my own speculation, but considering that the barrel of the 155GH52 is the same length as that of the VIDAR’s (155mm and 52 caliber so about 8.0518 meters) I don’t think that it’s a stretch to say that it would most likely have comparable characteristics on its shells.
  • Fire rate: 6-8 rounds per minute

155GH52-SP-T55 during firing trials in Katajaluoto

More firing trial pictures, here you can see the hydraulic legs that have been deployed to help with the vehicles stabilization

Picture of direct firing trials

Here we can see the sides in the lower position up close

Sources used

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Toivonen, Vesa (2003) Tampellasta Patriaan: 70 vuotta suomalaista raskasta aseenvalmistustaFrom Tampella to Patria. 70 years of Finnish heavy weapons production. Apali Oy.
Pictures are mostly from the book mentioned above.

Note that this post is almost a direct copy of my existing post on the old forums with a few updates here and there. That said if you have any information about this vehicle feel free to share it in this post, I’d really appreciate it. I would also be interested in hearing your thoughts on this funky vehicle, thanks for reading!


Is there much else to say other than yes? I mean, swedens only getting one vehicle this update, even though it’s one I’ve wanted for a while more artillery sounds amazing.

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Absolutely, undeniably +1
This would be one of the coolest modified vehicles!

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Yeah, and the ItPsV 90 technically isn’t even correct, it should be on the T-55 chassis, as the other is just designated “Leopard 2 Marksman”, should we get both mods of it?

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I was sorely disappointed to see the Leo 2 with Marksman turret being added instead of the T-55 and I hope we get the T-55 variant in the future.

Yeah, maybe instead of a different tech tree vehicle, we get it as a “mod. XX year” in the modification area

Very unlikely, as the T-55 and Leopard 2 are two completely different hulls. We do not have such things in game yet.
Sure, we have things like BMP-1 → BMP-1P and Ka-Chi being able to add or remove floats, but that’s modifications on the same hull, not two different vehicles entirely.

That’s true, but there always has to be a first, and also, I don’t want to grind yet another SPAA in the tree. Also, back to the howizer, should the side coverings be a modification like on the VFW?

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This could absolutely be a possibility!
Perhaps trading some protection for a faster reload?


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Looks like it would be absolutely terrible in the game, prime event vehicle right there

What makes it bad? No armor an poor reload? If that’s so, being in a squad with a few people who have it would be a bit overpowered

Mostly the absolute size of the turret which is barely armored, it’s not exactly intended for direct combat in short ranges which the game mostly is. Nothing wrong with it’s firepower, up to 8 rounds of 155mm in a minute is pretty good, the gun is actually much bigger than it needs to be which makes it easier to break.
The T55 chassis is also quite bad. Notably it lacks the reverse speed that most vehicles like it have, even the russian SPGs, while this thing goes -7km/h

Makes sense. Still, a new derp gun for the Swedish tree would be greatly appreciated, and an event vehicle would be cool, just on a time where I get a break off from work to grind it, like over Christmas I guess. Just like the Ct-Cv 105.


I agree that if this ever gets added it wont be a very competitive vehicle, but it really dosen’t need to be. Just something fun to play a few matches in, once in a while.

Absolutely MUST get this vehicle! Love the idea of having the optional sideskirts too! +1