120S should be given the 1200hp engine

I get it, the actual 120S had a 750hp engine when it was shown off so that is why it has it in game. However, I would like to make a counter argument to have this changed.

(Real life argument)
The complete package offered a AVDS-1790 1200hp engine combined with the Allison transmission found in the M1A1 had anyone decided to buy it. The actual listing offered the specific power pack with other options available if the buy so chose. So had a nation decided to buy the 120S configuration, it would have at least had that specific power pack installed, not an outdated 750hp engine from the 60’s. No nation in their right mind would keep the 750hp engine especially Turkey who the tank was offered to, they even went with the Sabra M60 which had at least a 908~hp engine for the first version and then moved on to a 1200hp.

(In-game argument)
It simply isn’t viable as a vehicle at the current BR, sure it has a powerful gun and a fast reload, but given how slow the vehicle moves (it is slower than the M60A3 TTS at 9.0) and its poor maneuverability and its lack of armor, everyone from 9.3+ can outrun you easily and get to better positions before you do and that is key for winning a fight. The 120S is going to lose way more often than not under these conditions because it simply cant get to position to effectively play against the enemy. If given the intended power pack, it would allow the vehicle to have a much better chance instead of being at the mercy of literally everyone above and below it.

In the past Gaijin added fictional vehicles or given vehicles upgrades that they didn’t normally operate with (M6A2E1 getting the extra hull armor and the T-80B getting thermal optics as examples or the entire existence of the “Ho-Ri production” tank)

If the 120S did get this improved power pack I would even be ok if they had to raise the BR to compensate OR it can keep the BR and have the ammo changed to just KE-W like the AMBT, after all the vehicle was intended for export and the US probably wouldn’t export M829A1 in the early 2000’s.

Possible BR options
1200hp engine with access to M829A1 (BR 10.7)
1200hp engine with just KE-W (BR 10.3)

For the sake of making the tank actually usable and no DOA, please give it the intended powerpack upgrade.



Deja vu, I feel like I already responded to this thread. Or one just like it.

But the 120S never used the 1200 HP engine, because not least of which it would have required the engine bay to be modified in order to fit it.


If it doesn’t fit 10.0 I’d rather see it downtiered than buffed and uptiered to where it isn’t needed


While I agree the 1200hp version can exist in some form in game, I’m confused about your logics, rational, and just general understanding how arms procurement works. There are so much to pick apart I don’t even know where to start, but that’s off topic. Ultimately, I do agree on the possible BR options.

Alternatively, I believed we can have 2 vehicle options. 9.7 version get 829 + 750hp. 10.3 version get KE-W + 1200hp.


I’d definitely be down for a 10.7 version with 1200hp. It’d be a more well-rounded and balanced vehicle.
As-is, the 120S deserves 10.3. It’s an incredible sniper, with firepower many nations don’t get until 11.7, fire rate second only to the Type 90/10, and a turret that can stop most of the shells it faces, for example, 120 DM33, 3BM42, 1985-I, and L26. It’s only 10.0 because just like the Obj. 292, players simply refuse to alter their playstyle to accommodate this highly effective but highly specialized vehicle.
1200hp would allow the vehicle to reach positions faster, satisfying those who don’t know how to move tactically to a position instead of relying on pure speed to avoid fire.
Then the prototype variant can always make a return as an event or even premium vehicle.


I want the Super M60

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The engine bay was modified when the vehicle was put together to begin with, this is why the entire engine bay section is externally different from the standard M60.

It should be noted that the M60A3 SLEP already exists at 10.0, and is identical to the 120S in functionally every way bar the engine and turret, both vehicles are glass cannons even with the 120S’s turret change, both should be 10.0 compared to the current competition, and the overall lack of any US 10.0 tanks as of now.

I’ve also already gone over this a few times in the previous thread, the 120S was never designed or trialed to use the 750HP engine ever, the prototype also has no indication that it retained the base 750 HP engine either, with all documentation regarding the 1200 HP block as standard.

As it stands, there is no reason for the 120S to not get it’s as designed powerpack, not to mention it’s missing transmission upgrade as well which is present on the M60A3 SLEP in game.

Should add as well that Turkey’s trials required a minimum 1000 HP engine, this is why the Sabra was uprated in the actual trials to it’s current HP, there is no reason to believe the 120S would have ever had a 750 HP option in the trials as it would have been disqualified immediately for not meeting the baseline requirements.

10.0 with it’s as designed features is how the 120S should have arrived, as a partner to the M60A3 SLEP to actually give the US a 10.0 lineup, but as it stands now, the 120S is a M60 TTS with a better gun and vastly more weight due to gaijin’s unwillingness to make the vehicle historically accurate which is disappointing to say the least.


even while not being an american main i really hope it gets the 1200 hp engine its dumb how bad it performs

To nobody’s surprise even the spook finds the mobility to be painful to say the least.

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yeah dude i seriously hope it gets buffed this is just ridiculus

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just a way to keep the u.s tech tree vehicles nerfed

This has probably been already mentioned in Spookston’s video… But I really don’t understand this logic from the developers as to specifically not add the 120S version with the planned 1200 HP engine to the game if the 120S prototype we have in-game already has the planned Gen 2 Thermals that also already came with the equipped 1200 HP engine?

The gen 2 GPPTS thermals were never “planned” it was the only option ever given to the vehicle as the
base M1 GPPS was export restricted, thus, the GPPS was never part of the vehicle.


Is that the AMBT?

Yep, the AMBT never actually existed, only the M60A3 SLEP did.

The Turkish M60 AMBT in-game should honestly have its name and flag changed:

Funny you should mention that, the vehicle’s file name is actually m60a3_slep.

So if you delete your .lang file the tank has it’s correct name.

So even gaijin knows what it should be called, but never actually changed it.