120S gets 1200 HP engine in Arcade but not Realistic?

Regardless of logic one way or the other, this just doesn’t make sense. Either give them both 1200 or give them both the crappy engine. Preferably, give both the 1200. With the current engine, the 120S really can’t influence the battle despite its firepower. The gun is awesome, but man, I feel like I can barely use it because it takes me so long to get into position. I’d be fine if it had to move up in BR as a result. Right now it just feels weird.

Vehicles in arcade get multiplied horsepower values to make them faster and more responsive when compared to realistic.


all vehicles are like that. in arcade some stats are boosted to make it faster and more of a “game” and less realistic.

There needs to be a game knowledge test before you can post on the forum


Ouch. Way to call him out, hes just looking for an excuse to explain a poor performance.


A test could be still eye opening. All these things are basic game knowledge, but you’d be suprized how many players don’t do know it.

Just watch a few of your server replays from your matches and you will find players having half solidshot half APHE in Shermans, and stuff like that.


Take any tank from realistic and try playing it in arcade. Go in a straight line in both.

Tell me if you can spot the difference?

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