120S = 10.0, Merkava 3 = 11.0?

I really don’t understand how this works. The 120S gets better turret armor, better ammo, faster reload, bigger first stage stowage and is smaller than the Merkava 3s yet its 1.0 br lower


Better mobility is literally the only advantage until we get better hull armor.

There’s nothing better we can get for the Mk3s sadly apart from improved thermals on the 3C/D

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I thought the thermal gen was a bit low, but is there any evidence that we can use to show it has higher gen thermals to submit a bug report? Would be dope

The 120S will have thermals reduced to gen 1 gen 2 thermals are a mistake already stated on dev stream

It’s already been reported and passed as a bug for the 3d and suggestion for the 3c

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You know what I would love to see? A modification for the intended engine, would be sick as hell giving the thing actual mobility


Honestly I agree, would be pretty neat

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I wanted to say how it’s because the Merkava Mk.3s gets a mega-round that keeps them at a high BR, and that they should receive M321 instead of M322 and go to 10.0…

…that is, until I saw the 120S gets M829A1 with a 5sec reload at 10.0. Gaijin hates Israel so badly…


Comparing two is pretty stupid imo, i mean we dont need to change br’s here, we have to completely rework all merkavas, by rework i mean of course is reduce their reload rates + do something with their armor, mk 3 is definetly not a punching bag that everyone can pen and so is mk 4. Idk why cant gaijin just give mk 3 a 650mm frontally with additional engine thickness being around 500mm along side with merkava 4 800mm, but it is what it is, they’re pretty dumb about armor values on these tanks.

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Merkava Mk3 is faster, similar armor, while being ever so slightly than the M60 120S.
Merkava Mk3’s round is also essentially identical to M60 120S’s round.

Israel? You do realize Merkava Mk3 is originally an American tech tree item right.
Israel’s Merkava Mk3s are 11.0 because America’s is, and America’s is older.

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The 120S is equivalent to the M60A3 SLEP already in the US tree, if a bit worse due to having a inferior FCS, both should be 10.0 imo they are not amazing, and the US has a pretty chunky 10.0 void right now.

However, the Merkava 3 should not be 11.0, heck any of the Merkava 3s should not be 11.0, they used to be 10.7 which I think is a good place for them.


What …


Actually the Israeli Mk.3s were already in game for quite a while before all Mk.3s were moved to 11.0.

That was part of decompression.

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They were 10.3 for the longest time, moved to 10.7 and then “Decompressed” to 11.0


Yeah, so if Israeli Merkavas were already in game long before this decompression, than they aren’t just 11.0 because their american event counterparts were moved there.

Except they are because the American one was made 10.7 first, which means decompression makes all of them 11.0.

Except that the Israeli Mk.3B and Mk.3C were also 10.0 for a time. See this screenshot with the 10.0 BR visible in this slightly unrelated reddit post:


So they all jumped those BRs together.

EDIT: nvm I think I misunderstood the argument. The Mk.3B and 3C should have stayed 0.3 lower than the US Mk.3D, but they got Gaijined.

Why would they be lower? They’re identical to the one in USA for armor.