11th birthday sale - what to get?

I am trying to make up my mind about what to buy during the sale. I would therefore like to hear some feedback on the options list below.

Naval (arcade):
USS Des Moines. Is this a ship that will live through a match?

Air (realistic):
Saab J35XS (steep learning curve?)
Mirage F1-C ?
F-4 Japan
F-4 UK
F-104 Italy

Tanks (for arcade):
IS-6 (classic moved to rank V)
Somua SM (7.7 lineup?)

Many thanks for your input.

I think you should definitely get the Turms and the KVT, others are not worth it.

J-7D, F-104S, F-1C, and J35XS are all rather good.
I bought Des Moines cause I wanted it and didn’t even realize it was leaving.
It’s a neat ship.

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Hi there
IS-6 is a neat brawler for arcade, but keep it always on the move after firing and don’t rely on your armour

SOmua SM, neat can swallow some rounds if rigthly angled,
for me he works best as second row tank (staying behind the fast guys) & be afraid of side shots on your tank
I’m using it mostly together with all 3 AMX-50’s , AMX-13/90, Char 25t , sometimes with the AuF1, SPAA optional in line-up

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Best Ship premium for the best nation for naval in the game, if you want a ship to grind america or just SL, this will do handsomely.

A very good plane, one of the few that can deal with the F-5C spam, gets 6xAim-9J’s which are strong missiles for 10.7, and you get plenty, though you only get one gun with no tracers on any belts, so a bit of practice will help unless you shove your barrel down all your enemies throats like i do. overall a fun one, definitely a good grinder for sweden air.

Would avoid, the flight performance isnt too bad, feels nice to fly, but the radar is lacking overall, and there is a big right now with the french Sarh missiles where they will go for flares despite a radar lock, the Ir missiles it gets are good, but you only get 2, and the plane can only carry 5 missiles overall, 2xir missiles on outer wing pylons, 2x larger missiles on inner wing pylons and a single larger missile on the underbelly pylon. It is probably very usable as a bomb truck if you specifically want to grind france, but isnt in the best place right now and has the same BR as a lot more capable aircraft.

Would avoid, again, probably very usable as a bomb truck but otherwise is at br 11.0 with not very capable missiles, and a lacklustre radar that is not resistant to chaff at all. in a downteir it will work just fine, but the phantom is a poor dogfighting platform usually made up for with the weaponry, this one doesnt have the weaponry to justify the BR IMO.

A copy of the tech tree phantom for the british in terms of ordinance, with just slightly worse engines, overall a fairly capable plane, not a dogfighter but it is a missile bus, and if you are competant with Sarh missles you will do fine with this plane. Not a bad grinder at all, and can be used as CAS at top teir or a bomb truck in Air RB or SB. The other options for premiums planes for the UK are pretty naff, so this one isnt a bad pickup if you want to grind some britain.

This is a strange one, i think i would be able to recommend it more if it were just 0.3br lower, because overall it has good capabilites, the F-104 speed, 6x aim-9P’s or 4 and 2 Aim-7E’s without the gun. I usually take the 6xAim-9P’s so i can keep the gun, and overall its a decent plane, as all the starfighters are, especially the ones with flares, but the fact that this is at 11.0 means that it can see many vehicles that will just outclass it overall, and the missiles are quite a bit stronger at this br so you will have to play a much more reserved playstyle. Often you will see 12.0 games, and in these you are relegated to a pure support role. In a downteir however, the plane is fairly strong and will be fun to play. If you are willing to take some rough upteirs to have some nice downteirs, then this plane is a fine pickup.

Would avoid, basically a mig-21 platform, with only 4x non-all aspect missiles. The weaponry is just poor here, the missiles are strong if you can get behind someone but are still easily flared, and are rear aspect only, massively limiting your engagement options. The Mig-21 platform is startign to get ouclassed at this br too, so you really have nothing going for you. I am surprised this plane hasnt gone down in br, i think it would be much better suited at 10.7 or maybe even 10.3.

An excellent ground pounder for all modes, has a few drawbacks but overall with serve you well for anything you try to do with it, you get all aspect missiles at the lowest br they appear at, which means that in air RB you will see people without flares, who literally cannot avoid the missile if it is launched on them, they are free kills and there is nothing they can do about it, and you get a good assortment of bombs and missiles for hitting ground targets. The only negative of this plane, apart from the flight performance that is to be expected from a strike aircraft, is the targeting optics for the missiles. the zoom is very poor, and the optics are above the nosecone, so it can be difficult to spot out targets and hold them from a distance, which means you need to get quite close to use them effectively which makes you vulnerable to Sam or AA fire. the Su-25 can tank some hits, but if you are not careful you will be shot down.Despite that, it is an excellent grinder overall.

A gream multirole aircraft, this has flares, gets decent missiles, and plenty of bombs and rockets for ground pounding. the Harrier’s flight performance is not a match for other pure-bred dogfighters but you can still reverse people with the thrust vectoring and generally be quite hard to actually kill. Overall a great plane, that can be used for everything in basically any mode.

I dont massively play arcade, but both these tanks are extremely effective vehicles that benefit from decent armour for their BR, and a powerful gun. The Is-6 has a long reload, and a fairly apparent weakspot, but is a great vehicle overall. The Somua has strong overall armour, with a couple of weakspots, and a powerful gun with a fast reload. Both vehicles will be killed easily in upteirs, but with stomp in downteirs, and can kill anything they see in most scenarios. i have thoroughly enjoyed both of these.

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the f4 Uk is very bad

I would advise against getting the Japanese or UK F-4 premiums. They are much worse than the other rank 7 premium aircraft, hence why they are the ones on sale.

I would wait for a better sale when you can get the F-4S/23ML

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Wow, so much feedback! Many thanks.

USS Des Moines

Indeed better than the new premium BBs? Sounds good.

Saab J35XS

From what I read and see, I am inclined to try it.

I guess I ditch the F4’s and the J-7D. I rather wait for something more “chinese” to show up, like the A-5. I probably would not enjoy the F1-C too much, due to the rather high BR.

The F-104’s I find difficult to use in general. I have the italian free version, but I really haven’t gotten warm with it yet…

I am still undecided with the AV-8A and the Su-25k.

That too.

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The Des Moines wont hold up under fire from battleships when it sees them in upteirs, but it has the guns and firerate to do damage back, and eclipses any other cruiser in the game in terms of survivability and damage output. Br for Br, i’d say its one of the best ships in the game

In my port now…

Haven’t played much with the somua but i heard its amazing got it in the sale with the b1 ter, also the su25k is amazing grinder and a really good CAS if you know your way around.

To anyone who reads this have a great day q(❂‿❂)p

As a Naval Fanboy, I can assure you that the USS Des Moines is a must buy.


・Because it is inexpensive, yet it is a Rank V premium and can grind all American Bluewaters. The US BB has many excellent ships and is a highly recommended tree!
・The best cruiser in the game. It has problems with the Ammo box, but a lot of that can be avoided by learning positioning.
・This ship is a beauty! )))

One concern is when facing battleship, but the 8-inch has the firepower to lead your team to victory even at a disadvantage. This ship is my favorite.

Just dont buy these two. You can buy Somua SM.It’s a great tank and for jet you can buy Mirage F1-C.