11.7+ grb mm?

I’ve been using my mig29g in my 11.7 lineup which bumps me up to 12.3. I’m not sure how the MM works when you are queing at that BR, trying to see if its worth the uptier.

Does it actually exclude 10.7 and 11.0?
Does it affect how many 11.3 players I can see in a match?
Any other things to note?

Thoughts on queing above 11.7 just to have better CAP?

The mm will use the highest br you have in your lineup. If you have 5 10.0 vehicles and 1 12.0 vehicle, the mm will treat you as 12.0

I heard something about there only being 4 of the lowest/highest in a match tho. Like if you que at 10.7 and get fully uptiered you can only see 4 11.7 vehicles. Im just not sure how it works when you are queing beyond 11.7

i believe that, at max br, you can see teams that are all max br. If you get a full downtier, then you will only have up to 4 players who are max br.

*With one exception
Air arcade uses a BR averaging system.

Basically you can have one aircraft .3 br above another aircraft, with everything else .3 below that one
And you will have the BR of the second-highest one

So instead of being able to face vehicles at 10.7 again, the aircraft will make sure that you’ll only be matched with other players in +/- 1.0 br of your max vehicle. So if your matchmaking as a 12.3 the lowest br of the players will be 11.3 regardless of what ground vehicles you bring. So basically, matching at 12.7 because of a plane you will always be a top tier player, but it won’t matter much unless you want to play the more powerful CAS.