11.3 Air premiums

With the new top tier jets where do 11.3s stand. not only are some of these premiums underpowered compared to other 11.3s F-4S to F-4J UK for example, but also im suprised how the game is allowed or is willingly promoting expensive premium packs doomed to fail. I cant outrun outgun or outfun a Mig-29 or F-16 let alone a F-15 or Gripen A/C. All im saying is why in this constant uptiers is Gaijin not doing anything about this god awful grinding experience, and thats not even starting on the obvious failer in premium bonuses SU-25K vs F-4J UK for example have almost the same Bonus stats yet cost and br are way different and the SU-25K struggles far less (The SU-25K having equal Sl to 11.3 premiums like F-4S btw) also yet again Mig-23 having more bonus than F-4 premiums at 750% research and 960% Sl compared to F-4S/F-4J UK/Mig-21 (Germany) at 714% research and 730% sl

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