ZiS-6 61k: milk truck family's second big brother (after the YaG)

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ZiS-6 37mm 61k


This vehicle has very little information on it, but it does exist in real life and is not a paper vehicle.


During 1941, the People’s Commissar of Armaments put an order to start designing a mobile platform for the anti air gun 37mm 61k. The gun weighs 2100 kg and was intended to be mounted on a light GAZ truck, but it was too heavy for the GAZ truck. The solution was to mount the gun on the 6x4 ZiS 6 truck chassis, the ZiS 6 has a payload of 4 tons which was sufficient for the gun. The anti air truck was tested and it was proved to be a possible build, but the suspension was modified to prevent rocking when the gun is firing and the truck bed was redesigned. There were very little vehicles of this type built before the ZiS plant needed evacuation and production of the ZiS-6 halted.

Place in game:

The ZiS-6 61k will be a slow but lethal milk truck, it can really excel at the multi role gameplay, its gun can 1 tap airplanes out of the sky (given a hit) and it can also destroy ground vehicles well with its 70mm of gun penetration. This vehicle will be an unarmoured ZiS 43 with a front cabin blind spot for shooting, it will be ideal in br 2.0 or 2.3 seeing the better ZiS 43 is in 2.7 br (currently) and the CCKW M45 with Bofors 40mm is in br 2.0 (currently).


Armour: nonexistent, 1 mm of steel and some wood for the truck bed.


height: 2160mm

width: 2250mm

length: 6060mm

weight: truck kurb weight = 4230 kg + 61k = 2100 kg , so it weighs 6330 kg total.


engine: 73 hp (2300 rpm) , 279nm (1200 rpm)

top speed: 55 kmh

power to weight: 11.53 hp/t

gears: 4f + 1r

Gun: 37mm 61k , same ammo as the ZiS 43 in the game. Elevation= 85 degrees , Depression= -5 degrees.


The pictures are from a restored ZiS-6 61:

61k on zis 6.jpg

61k of a zis 6.jpg

ZiS 6 61k.jpg

Old zis 61k.jpg Zis 6 61k original.jpg 80.83 kB · 0 downloads

Zis 36 61k.jpg

Zis 6 61k back.jpg

Zis 6 61k gun mount.jpg

Zis 6 61k sides down.jpg

Zis 6 61k outside.jpg

Zis 6 with gun.jpg

Zis 6 whatever.jpg

Zis 6 61 gun.jpg

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USSR already has enough milktrucks… I dont think adding another one would be worth the effort. It would just turn into another annoying vehicle that you would have to grind.

no no we need more milk trucks 🙂


Gaijin could folder it, they are doing it for a lot of vehicles now. Also In my opinion every fun vehicle is worth the effort by Gaijin and should be ingame.