ZBD-04A: The Unstoppable Scout

If the Sprut’s would have been in the TD line, the BMP-3 may well have been there aswell.

However, Soviet lines and Chinese lines are not the same, and shouldnt be parallelled. If China gets more ATGM oriented high tier TDs, the ZBD may be moved to the left line. Who knows.

The Chinese ground tech tree is just a mess once you reach rank VII anyway

5s acturlly

Isn’t it just a 2S38 with a 30mm rather than a 57mm? This thing should be like 10.3 minimum seeing how the 2S38 should be ~11.0.


That ufp if going to bounce so much XD

yes, it has a Large inclination angle ufp

Isnt this brand new for the PLA?

So where did gaijin find evidence that the Chinese ATGM has a penetration depth of only 600mm and not 750?

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2S38 has vastly better anti air performance, an unmanned turret which means it is extremely hard to kill hull down if you don’t have HE (ammo rack hard to hit) and much, much better turret rotation speed. It is much better than the ZBD in my opinion.

Unless ZBD gets all the fixes, mobility fix, gets missing spall liners and reduced spalling from the engine block, then it should go to 10.0+, in my opinion.

It’s weird, but the left line is only the light tank line until rank 5, starting with rank 6 it’s the ROC line and then from rank 7 it’s the export vehicle line, and the right line starts as a SPG line and changes to the light line in the middle of rank 6. So the ZBD is technically in the correct line currently.

But they should really just swap the left line starting from the M60A3 TTS and right line starting from the PTL02. AFT09 can stay in the light tank line because it uses the same chassis as the PTL02. Then you’d have a light tank line and a SPG->ROC->export line instead of a light->ROC->export and a SPG->light tank line…

No, it’s not a 2S38. It’s more like a modified BMD-4 turret on a modified BMP-2 hull.

And another proof that the VBCI-2 BR is a joke.

Puma has 200 and this thing 330 so nearly twice as much
going after the vid i posted

The armor stops what exactly ?
bmp2m apfsds shreds it and so does any 120/125mm apfsds , heck even 100 3bm25 will pen it head on and kill 2 of 3 crewmember…
this armor Argument of the puma is a joke
half the time muss isn’t working and
since the last 2 updates its even worse
you get ammo racked and after that you have a 30mm single shot if there is no cap point near

Thanks mods/flagging army for deleting my post btw

How is it the same BR as CV9030FIN? (9.3)

This thing has a 30mm gun and autolading 100mm ATGM launcher, while CV9030 only has the 30mm.

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It’s 4s on dev server, I time watched it. Not sure if they are gonna to change it though.