Zachlad TCM MK.3 (ZU-23)

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Zachlad TCM MK.3 (ZU-23)

Based on experience in the design, development and production of the TCM-20 twin 20 mm anti-aircraft system, RAMTA Structure and Systems expanded the TCM-20 project to include the TCM Mk.3 fitted with 2x 23 mm 2A14 cannons, to test and promote the new system, they installed it on the Zachlad hull, The system was first announced in 1983 and claimed to have been in service and production since 1984, but sadly there is no photographic evidence available as to if the system left the prototype stage, accepted into service and produced in quantity.

General Information

The TCM MK.3 Turret:

Like said above the TCM MK.3 turret was based on early experience in the design, development and production of the TCM-20, similar to its predecessor the difference now is that the new turret is fitted with more advanced systems, such as new drives systems (now it consists of two separate and similar units, traverse and elevation, each unit includes a 24 V servo-motor, servo-amplifier, torque limiter, gear and feedback system) and also has access to a more modern sight (M18 optical).


The main armament of the vehicle is provided by TCM Mk.3 anti-aircraft system fitted with a pair of soviet-made 2A14 23mm cannons with each magazine fitted with 50 rounds, which are present in game in form of BTR-ZD with ZU-23 in soviet tech tree. The vehicle is also fitted with a hull 7.62mm machine gun.


The vehicle is based on Zachlad (Zachlam Diesel), which is Israeli M3 “Zachlam” half-track refitted with Diesel engine from M113 in the latest stages of its service in the IDF.

Vehicle Specifications:



Length: 6.17m
Width: 2.2m
Height: 2.26m + TCM Mk.3 1.63m (~3.89m)
Weight: 8t + TCM Mk.3 ~ 1.3t (~9.3t)

4 (Driver, Commander, Gunner and Loader)


Armor: 6–12 mm

Turret Stats

Mechanical Elevation/Depression: +90°/-10°
Electrical Elevation/Depression: +85°/-6°
Traverse: 360° (0.25°/s to 75-80°/s max)

Main Armament: 2x 23mm 2A14 cannons

Engine - Detroit Diesel 6V-53 212 hp diesel engine
Transmission - N/A
Power To Weight Ratio - ~ 22.99 hp/t
Top Road Speed - N/A
Suspension Type - leaf springs
Road Range - N/A



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זחל"ם לוחמים דיזל (זחל"ד) | פארק לטרון
TCM-20 |
Испанка я иль нет 2. - Пещера злобного Буквоеда — LiveJournal
SOV - 2A14 / 2A7 (kanon) : USSR / Successional Countries USSR (SOV)


+1 especially if we get vehicles like the PT-76B and Degem Yud to pair with this

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Yes, Israel needs spaa to fill the 4.7 - 7.0 gap in spaa line. Absolutely +1



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Absolutely 100% yes! MUST be added! +1

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