Yakovlev/Aermacchi Yak/AEM 130D (RA-43130)

yeah but is only armed with aim9L/m and a training pod with 4x 70 mm rokets each



Well gaijin can figure out a way for it

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    We got Alpha Jet, so there’s no reason we shouldn’t get this for both Russia and Italy.

Honestly with how small Israels air tree is I would still like to see it added. At the right br the Aim-9Ls would be an absolute menace, but you’re a sitting duck after that.

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What armament would the Italian variant have? AIM-9L/M and a handful of weapons used by Italy?

No, russian armaments. Only a prototype was made and was armed with russian weapons.

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Any idea on what the aircraft would’ve been armed with if it were put into service

Read the weapons paragraph, I included all the weapons showcased and trialed on the aircraft

Idk if it’s ugly or beautiful… anyway +1

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