With all the respect... why of the Germany state?

Hey guys, I just want to give my personal experience as a Germany main in this game, which I have played since 2014, back when I was 15 years old.

I’ve always been a kind of casual but constant player, playing at least 4 or 5 months every year, and I’ve gone through many stages of the game and many updates. So I’ve also seen many things with my own eyes.

I’ve seen German WW2 tanks getting the German late WW2 steel with less effective protection and how it got removed due to people’s complaints.
I’ve seen the Tiger 105 kwk, Panter 2, koelian and maus being removed, and I remember doing an insane research rush the day they announced that they were getting removed for getting them and still I missed the Koelian forever.
I’ve seen F84B outrunning me in my 262 for so long and do so much better in dogfights, killing my friends who sadly quit the game a long time ago due to the Germany state.
I’ve seen tanks with Heatfs rounds kill my heavy 6.7 tanks and then once I got my Leopard 1 with Heat rounds, I remember stabilized guns rip the sh*t out of my Leopard 1 before I could get a stabilized tank.
I’ve seen how the Radkampfwagen 90 has been getting higher and higher battle ratings, ending up at 9.7 with no thermals and DM33.

I’ve seen the crazy research for the Tiger UTH and how painful it was for me to get it on a BO 105 with 4 kilometer firing range missiles and no target lock in helicopter encounter battles facing a full team of K50 players with 10 kilometer firing range missiles with proximity fuse in wide open maps, playing 3/4 hours in a row every day for over a month on a premium account after my classes, and quitting the game for 8 months right after getting the UTH.
My best time at this game was in the G91 r3 facing planes, but I also remember the nerf to the Nord ground missiles, and then I had really good times in the Mig 21 MF when I got it, even though I remember my R60 missiles always losing the lock once the enemies went into the clouds before that feature got fixed. A couple of years later, the planes I faced had flares to deflect my R60 and advanced missiles that easily killed my Mig 21, which at the time had no chaff or flares.
Even my best memories have a few awful moments.
In more recent times, I’ve seen Germany mains just asking for realistic and useful additions such as the F4F ICE with useful radar missiles, not a crappy F4F with 4 aim9J, 2 sad mavericks and no Sparrows that Germany got really late compared with other nations, or another variant of the tornado a bit more advanced, the one that we got by the end of 2022 should have appeared a year before, along with the Mig27 for the USSR in 2021. The tornado was dead on arrival, so it was the F4F.

About the ground tech tree, now we are getting the Leopard PSO which is basically a tank with no useful protection, more chunky, slower and with a worse cannon than the 2A6. It seems like they added it to slow down future Leopard 2A7 research, and about the KF 41 that is coming up to Italy, I don’t complain about it, but I think it should mean the addition of Spike missiles for the Puma at least, but no, they just won’t add them for now, and once they add them for Germany, it is probably going to be in another separate vehicle just with the Spike missile feature.
In general, it is all really sad, so sad that Sweden has had a better leopard than Germany itself for over 2 years…

But all of these things I’ve seen and suffered over the years never seem to matter because it is really easy to cancel all these facts by saying ‘‘Germany suffers’’ to German players’ faces or saying that Germany gets vehicles that they shouldn’t get even though we didn’t ask for them, such as the DF105, the JaPz.K A2 or the Swiss Hunter F.58 that only ended up pissing off other nations players against Germany.

In the end, it’s always the same thing guys… Germany is getting crappy things that we didn’t need or ask for, losing some of the ones that worked and getting the ones that we need really late when they are already obsolete and way later than other nations.

I have played video games ever since I was 6 years old when I got my PlayStation 2 in 2005. I have played so many games on consoles and PC. And can truly say that War Thunder is an amazing game. It is just sad for me that my main nation always goes through tough moments and I wonder if it is going to stop at some point.


How have you played since 2014, and you still identify yourself as a ”main”?

By now you should have atleast another tech tree somewhat complete? That you can play untill they add X tank or X plane.

As for germany not having a ”good” leopard I will bless you with the same answer I tend to get when asking for a better top tier swedish plane, it sounds like this:
”Just wait”


As I said I don’t play every single month of the year because I just don’t have enough time, first while I was studying and now that I’m working it’s pretty much the same.

But that’s why I said I consider myself a casual but constant player of this game, and I only got premium accounts since 2022 so my research was never the best.

Nonetheless, yeah I consider myself as a Germany main since I got most of the German top tier vehicles, I’ve played other nations but it’s really not the same for me. I have family in Leipzig and I have a special bond with Germany and East Germany. I just enjoy the most playing German nation.

About the “just wait” my dear friend Germany is always in waiting in this game, either for new stuff or things that have been waiting for a fix for so long.


About the ICE, It wont be as good as you make it out to be considering it is a phantom.
You will have to wait for EF and even then planes such as the hornet and su27 will most likely outclassing it.

That’s debatable as EF or the ICE variant have some good radar missiles options and can do a lot with them.

I personally can do pretty well with my Mig 23 MLA against F16 , F14 and mig 29. But not all the time and once my I run out of my only 2 R24R missiles I start to struggle a bit more with the R60.

But it’s all about positioning yourself in the right way and use your tools the best way possible, avoid missiles cranking and using the chaff correctly.

As I said, I think the F4F ICE can do pretty well or even the EF being more delusional about his addition to the game, but they should be added at the right time and earlier than other planes as the ones you mentioned, because we’ve seen that Gaijin doesn’t add the vehicles in a historical order but usefulness order and latest german additions were lacking compared with what was already in the game.

I think a new top tier vehicle is supposed to come out with new and better features or at least similar as the ones that there are already in other top tiers. But I’ve just seen new vehicles that literally provide nothing new or useful to the German nation.

Don’t forget that is looks like that Germany is again left behind with the upcoming intruduction of advanced IR missiles.

its quite frustrating. The F-4F used Aim-9L/i, Aim-9L/i-1 and Iris-T. The Tornado used Aim-9L/i /i-1 and Iris-T. The east german Mig-29A used R-73 Archers.

But despite all three jets are already ingame, none of those gets one new generation IR missiles.

There mus be something with Gajin and Germany what we currently don’t see. Somehow hard to understand why its treated that strange. Same for ground. How it comes that the Swedes operate a far better Leopard lineup than Germany since two years? Why has Italy the most advanced German IFV with Spike and Hardkill APS? Its strange that other nations get pumped up that much with German tech, while there’s nothing left for Germany itself?

Its always soon…at the moment too powerful…later…wait for another variant with new features. Does Germany produce all Spikes for the european market? Yes. Does Germany operate vehicles using Spikes? Yes. Did it develop vehicles with Spikes? Yes. So just lets add it to Italy.

How fair is that?


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I don’t think that Sweden makes better leopards than Germany because, literally, there are German leopard options that are as good or better than Sweden ones, but they’re just not in the game.

And yes, at some points Germany is left behind because it does lack vehicles and features that would fit according to the game meta or that are already in the game, but they simply don’t add them.

I don’t think saying stop crying would fix in any way what we are trying to point out here, because literally the page of General Discussion for the last months has always had at least 4 or 5 posts on the top talking about Germany missing something or needing to be fixed…


For the time period the 122 was the best leopard. Reason is because germany refused to invest in their defence, hency why sweden made better leos. :)

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Tell me, what period are you talking about? The period of L2PL with DM43? the one from 2S38? or do you mean the KF-41? T72B3? BVM?
There are no period. Since 2020 we do not have a new MBT.

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Ohhhhh, what a way to run away, you have no arguments. You clearly didn’t understand the irony. You are comparing historical time, with the way Gaijin adds vehicles. They don’t follow the same logic, that’s why I gave you examples of very modern vehicles that are in the game.

That Sweden put better leopards into service does not mean that Germany would not have manufactured or put them into service later.

And use punctuation marks, ty.

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Yes and no you might see very few German Leopard 2 install MEXAS-H but that package can be install to any Leopard 2 anytime if need be

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But those are few leopards that were never put into service I asume?

Yes iam aware that leopards can mount mexas but there multiple vehicles that can mount X but sont due to variety reasons in game.

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Don’t worry, bro. We’re always with you, no matter how biased the production team is.We do our best to show them who we are.
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