Why ZTZ99A and VT4 in 11.7

or the Italian leopard 2a8, given that now ever we are signing the contract to acquire them

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vt4a1 should be 11.3 imo but 11.3 just vacuums into 11.7 anyways

The Arena-M was a later addition to the T-90M series, this is the Obj. 2016 if I recall.

It may be crazy to say but I genuinely enjoy the Arietes at 11.3 and 10.3, the Ariete (P) is my go to 10.3 and my Ariete PSO is pretty chill. But they are still in need of a dire buff, experience doesn’t justify underperformance.

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wait until I show him the leclerc or Ariete

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NGL despite how bad the C1 is, id prefer an AMV over the ZTZ99A. Yeah I played a lot more western designs, but still. At least the CAS is great and light is great, so I can bomb the GER-SWE teams into oblivion.

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Italian cas is better, I wont argue there (wow I never expected to say those words lol) but on a tank for tank basis Id still take a 99a just for the ability to shrug off poorly aimed snapshots and having an actual low power optic. I mostly use ariete as a joke nowadays, the AMV really isnt that bad as long as you play to its strengths. That being said I still firmly believe that it shouldnt be the same BR as things like leo 2a7 or sepv2.

As far as I would argue the ZTZ99A, WZ and VT shoud all be 11.3, none of them are even marginally competitive against the worthy 11.7s, even to the abrams which was widely considered to be the seperation between the good and bad ones. C1s needs to have their DM53 removed and CL3143 returned, while moved back to 11.0. The AMV still at 11.7 should receive the SHARD in a future date which replaces the DM53, signifies its unique ability to literally match obj292 but with a round that spalls properly.
Whilst it is true that Chinese MBT designs are not the best stat wise compared to the top brass of Russia or the west, mainly due to the military doctrine focusing on other aspects, the ZTZ99A is nevertheless improperly portrayed in warthunder. Namely rate of fire, penetration, and the lack of a spall liner. Additionally, the lack of the laser countermasure system(edit: dazzlers).

Moreover, in WT, the model of 99A is completely incorrect. The weak spot has been magnified, it is difficult not to doubt that it was intentional

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The SEPv2 already shouldn’t be the same BR as the 2A7V and the AMV shoild be a BR step below the SEPv2.