Why the super etendard with 8C2?

Why is the super etendard in game not equipped with its best possible engine the 8K50 but instead the much less impressive 8C2? the 8K50 being a non after burning version of the mirage F1 engines for the folks that aren’t sure.

This seems like a really needless downgrade to leave it with the earlier models 8C2 instead of the 8K50, it might not seem like much but the 8k50 gets 6500Kg of thrust or 49Kn
In comparision the 8C2 only gets 43Kn of thrust.

The 8k50 is clearly more interesting and fun and it would be the same as the F1’s engine firing dry without PC, this would make it a much more potent plane and actually capable of keeping its speed up if it ever needs to avoid or outrun F5C’s which are extremely present around its BR and have still a questionable flight model

What do you folks think?

It’s going to be the 8K50 as listed on the dev blog.

“Developed as a modern carrier-based attack aircraft, the Super Etendard received some major improvements: these include a new radar as well as precision weapons. Thanks to the addition of the SNECMA ATAR 8K50 Power Plant, as well as having a low take-off weight, the Super Etendard is rather powerful, and therefore will become one of the fastest and most dynamic aircraft with a non-afterburning engine when it arrives in the game! Better yet, with its well-designed airframe, the Super Etendard is capable of withstanding very high speeds.”

Oh thank god, and i was thinking it’d end up with a vzry poorly performing engine but no! Thank god!