Why only Israel's F15C does not have a TWS mode

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Are you lost?


Wrong section.

Because it’s not a F-15C, it’s a F-15A (Imp.), hence the name Imp.BAZ…

Also, yes, this belongs in machinery of war section.

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Apparently the Israeli’s never upgraded their F-15C’s with the radar that has this ability.

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It lacks the radar the other new F-15s have, likely to be fixed eventually I’m sure.

This forum is the place where Ive seen both claims that gaijin is jewish company nerfing you-can-guess-whose tanks and now that it is against jewish people. What a place to be in lol

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Nope, apparently Israel didn’t upgrade the radar on their F-15C’s.

That’s just not true (unless you’re using sarcasm, which I can’t really tell), we’ll see eventually ig, there’s so many thinks wrong with this Baz it’s not even funny.

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La domanda che rimane è, perché stiamo a parlare in inglese dell’F-15 israeliano nella sezione italiana del forum?

No it’s true, Israel never imported or received upgraded radar systems for their F-15C’s.

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  1. This is the italian section of the forum
  2. How is it against jews?
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