Why is there no Gripen for Hungary

I agree with the Sweden players that they should get the C, but why doesn’t Italy get it due to Hungary? just because they got Hungarian ground vehicles and a Harrier this year? that is just absurd and gaijin clearly has double standards, I say give the C to all three nations


The air tree hasn’t been added yet.


nor has the SA air tree been


Cause unlike Italy, Britain actually built aircraft and don’t need full fledge sub tree for air.


so did Italy, gaijin just refuses to add the missing Italian aircraft, and why should it be kept off until a full tree is added? the next update will be over 3 months after this one, so why should Italy have no competitive top tier fighter? why does the UK get it but not Italy?

There is no SA air tree because we already have 5 lines and have no need for a full sub-TT in air. It has also been confirmed its not coming

But a Hungarian Sub air tree I think is planned. So might be delayed because of that.

Additionally, unlike Sweden and Britain. Italy does have the F-16 and could recieve a later F-16 variant I beleive.

That being said, they could get Gripen C this update without issue, but probably only after Sweden gets theirs. Adding it to italy as well and not Sweden would not go down well


The only thing Italy is missing is couple light attackers. Also they already have a F-16. Furthermore we haven’t been given an exact patch for Hungarian air. All we know is it’s coming.

the F-16ADF is the most advanced F-16 Italy ever used, also I said all three should get the C

I have Italian top tier and honestly it’s decent. the ADF is an ADF and the ADV is an F.3 but the true king is the Harrier. 9Ms+thrust vectoring is a match made in heaven and it’s one of my favorite planes to fly b/c of that. Don’t get me wrong I want a Hungarian air line with a MiG 29 and a Jas 39 and ammrams for the harrier. it doesn’t necessarily need anything right now but there are things that I want

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doesn’t need anything have you seen the payload of the Su-27?

stay on the deck

ah yes because after they fire off their ERs they will not shoot their 73s

I believe they said during the stream that Italy is getting something but it’s not ready to be shown yet, let’s wait and see.

inb4 it is a biplane

prob the centuaro II that was leaked

The Italian F-16 ADF can carry AIM-9L-I (AIM-9M equivalent) and up to the AIM-120C-5. No need for Gripen. They just haven’t added these missiles yet.

you act as if they will ever do that

I mean it will most likely receive the AIM-120A when it’s added

AIM-120A kinematically will be on par with the most advanced AIM-7 we have rn

Since Romanian vehicles are placed in the Italian TT, they can simply add RoAF F-16 Block 20 MLU, which will also only require a new skin.


Give it Aim-9M and Italy will be just fine even without Gripen.

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