Why is the Leclerc's armor modeled to only protect 500mm RHA?

In game you mean?

yes it doesn’t make much sense to me how it only provides 654mm of protection

Gaijin used for all 3 Leclercs up from S1 “Leo_2A5_Turret_NERA” as composite instead of making their own one. That’s why the armor is also visibly with empty spaces while it should be full with kevlar like material


this its so much armor but so little protection relative


I know. All of Leclercs composite should be better especially SXXIs since it even uses titanium inside the array


But all the reports will only be forwarded and from the feels just put into the shredder immediately

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I’m hoping they look at it soon it hasn’t changed once in 4 years

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I know and I’ve seen loads of reports but none have been implimented apparently

Titanium doesn’t offer more protection than steel. It’s waay lighter whilst offering similar protection as steel (although not as good)

Estimations are 80-90% relative to steel protection but it’s nearly half the weight of steel

Basically the weight to protection ratio is outstanding compared to steel
However thickness to protection ratio, steel is still better than titanium.

100mm Titanium = 80-90mm steel equivalent

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They apparently did this to shift the weight of the turret further towards the center while retaining the same armor if not even more due to the reduced weight

Definitely can be done

If Leclerc’s 620mm LOS hull was 100% titanium
It would offer ~530mm KE protection vs APFSDS

620mm of titanium weighs the same as 350mm of steel whilst offering 530mm steel equivalent protection

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The issue here is Gaijin won’t move a finger unless provided with a document that is reliable enough and in this case most likely only accepts manufacturer data

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From what I know Leclercs armor is possibly made from 1. high hardness steel 2. aluminum ceramics with special aluminium alloy around it 3. polyamide fiber filling the space inbetween to absorb energy. The armor was tested both by OFL 120 F1A (~700mm penetration KE) and MILAN ATGM (700~mm penetration CE) and none penetrated/managed to damage it

Leclerc know and famous for be the best and most armored in the world in addition to be the most expensive. France was the first to create high quality NERA. ANd see how he are in the game with no modelised armor in the hull where a simple T72-turmst with a 3BM42 can pen you in upper glacis at 500m and pierce the Leclerc entirely!
A leclerc his more armored than a Léopard, same for Soviet T72/80/90 who are faaar from him about quality and protection. Take the AZUR where it is NERA and not ERA!. But Gaijin don’t understand it is better to have a NERA armor than ERA. Explosive reactive brick dosnt work at all at 100% in adition. And like all other countries are too stupid and only Soviet and Chinese can create correct ERA…

-And speak about Soviet ammo who one shoot you so easily. its not a secret, i am not a supa complotist who only me know a secret about Soviet generously tweaked. A ton of vidéo how Soviet are easy to play, especially modern tank and Jet. You suprise a T80 so have initiative, you shoot him, bim he don’t die because of magic soviet ERA, so he have the time to react and kill you. Its the common situation.

Ah yes, “best and most armoured”;

The more green the better it is. During the Hellenic Trials it was also considered to be far less armoured than both the Leopard 2A5 & M1A2, so, though luck.

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As far as my understanding goes, the Leclerc was refined a lot after being tested in Sweden, when it was just too unpolished.

It was already in service with the French Army (but it did have problems with its engine);

It was, but way too unripe. The Swedish trials said it was still a prototype, so to say, and still not developed to a decent extent. They also joined the trials at the very last second (Projekt "Stridsvagn Ny").

For example, the fuel consumption was way worse before correcting that on the next batches of tank. It even went from being the tested tank with the worst range, to having one of the best ranges of all MBTs.

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Quite irrelevant to the armour debate if you ask me. The problems with the Leclerc at the time were attributed to the immaturity of the powerpack and fuel systems.

The armour it showed in Sweden would’ve been the one that was later presented to the Greeks during their tank trials, so it stands to reason that Leclerc has never been that armoured in comparison to the “heavy weights” (to nobody’s surprise, the physical thickness of its armour is on average 10 - 20% lower than of the Leopard 2 or the M1 Abrams; although IT CAN match them in certain areas at certain angles, but overall it’s worse).

It was only with the Leclerc S21 in 2006 that the French could boast about achieving effective protection of ~700mm KE, something that the Leopard 2 TVM was already boasting about in 1992. If we go forward by about ~13 years, we now have the Leopard 2A7V that’s boasting superior armour to both the TVM and Strv 122 (to which Leclerc S1 and S2 lost), and which per the requirements was made to achieve similar/identical protection on both the hull and turret fronts (so ~850 - 950mm RHAe vs KE and ~1500 - 1700mm RHAe vs CE), I just don’t see the Leclerc EVER matching that… especially when Leopard 2Ax is just about the corner (+/- 2 years) that’s supposed to be even better in that regard than the 2A7V.

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Unlike STRV 122, Leclerc only had an upgrade to the turret front proposed and not the hull. While we also have other sources stating Leclerc having Chobham like armor in terms of chemical protection while being better at defeating kinetic projectiles. Additionally Leclercs composite is not just a single steel plate with composite material inbetween and another plate at the back. It consists of multiple blocks mounted next to and on top of each other. That gives it additional high hardness material to add to the armor. Something that isn’t modeled in game nor taken into account on the effective armor.