Why is the Barak II 12.3

@Smin1080p as the title says, the Barak II has worse flight performance than the F-16A, the same A2A missiles as the F-16A, no A2G missiles and a LGB selection similar to many other 11.3 - 12.0 CAS aircraft, including the F-14B which is a much better air superiority aircraft thanks to it’s Sparrows.

Could we please get an explanation as to why the Barak II ended up at such a high BR?


Poor Smin, he has been tagged so many times today…

I mean this patch has been pretty controversial

I just can’t see how this is a 12.3 jet, when you look at the BR and the SMT and F-16C are so much better than the Barak II unless there is something “spicy” coming it just doesn’t make sense.

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The battle rating of the Barak and its missile loadouts are currently not final and we expect them to change from what you currently see.


Chad IAF tree enjoyers like me be like:


I always feel bad for the community managers and mods, there are so many unhinged people in these forums that blame them for everything when they have no power to decide what gets changed/added and what doesn’t. Hope they get paid well lol

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Do you mean A/G missiles or A/A missiles? Or both… 🤔

Then please tell us who is the guy we should to blame or turn to?

relax. this is the DEV SERVER. things tend to change.

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Alternative depictions...




Its probably how it’s pronounced in Russian

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You seem to be right