Why hammering down even further on fighters in arcade?

so, first you make the god aweful descision to not allow fighters to see any ground targets.

any. so not even team mates. why this design choice? because you are bad developers who dont think this stuff through, which is my generally accepted opinion.

but why…why do you step up the hammering down on fighter use in arcade, and make it so you cant even spawn in a freaking fighter?

why do you continue to make arcade less fun to grind in? why are you so anti arcade gaijin? am i not allowed to reap the benefits of my game? why gather the points at all, if i cannot use them?

It’s way better now. what you call “hammering down on fighters” is literally just making the game fun for tankers.
Wanna play a plane ? Go in air arcade. Some tanks were literally unplayable like the Nashorn or AML due to the fighter spam.

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