Why excplicitly make TV Martel/AJ.168 have inaccurate guidance method?


why not? why make it inaccurate? if it will be delayed why not say it “we’re still working on its guidance method” why say it like its never gonna be added? or if it really is almost impossible to make, why not implement it like the ones on Wyvern UCAV back in Warfare 2077 April Fools event?


I’m all for buffing my beautiful buccaneer. But are you asking for a manually guided missiles with a 45km range and 88kg of explosive mass? Yes, the zoom is awful and I’ll probably pick the bombs over them but I don’t think we’ll be getting guided missiles for a good while.


They should never make such missiles 3rd person, primarily reason as to why they were so op (including the swedish missile car incident). Other than that, such missile would be placed on top tier where spaa are still lacklustre (except the pansir if you ignore its radar is bugged to hell). EC will AI sam sites would make such weapons more balanced in the game instead pf the repetitive team deathmatch we have


Gbu-15 on F-4E also can be re targeted with datalink pod, but at least it has only tv guidance method

i say they should make it just mclos guided so you can guide them like bullpubs.
but it would be even bedder if the missile got like in RL a camera that transmit its view to the monitor in the Pilotposition/ you get a “gunner” view where you sit in the copilot seat with the monitor and you can guide it over this one but since the monitor is not that big you could have huge problems spotting something smaller then a Ship what its intended for, thus would make it balanced.

Imagine this view but for the Bucc Pilot/copilot (Cockpit from the A4E Early)

or just use the MCLOS method that was available when FJ-4 + bullpup was introduced ( weapon CAM + MCLOS)

Nah that would be OP and if it wasnt why was it removed then.
With such a TV monitor whe would get a realistic Martel missile that is not op since visual targeting over this would need some skill and while guiding it your awarness around you would also suffer a lot and you are a free kill.

We’re also forgetting this is war thunder. The desync from the distances we’re talking about would be insane. There is no way we would be able to hit anything unless it’s stationary so basically spaas and snipers.