Why does gaijin hate france

@MythicPi @Morvran FYI it’s not that gaijin hates Germany far from there to me as they still receive some top notch tech and stil have many of the best shells in game in ground RB. It’s just that for the moment Germany has nothing much in stock in terms of modern vehicles and if you noticed gaijin has more of a modern vehicles focus than WW2 or cold war ones. And for modern vehicles For ground germany can still receive PUMA with spikes, 2A7, Pz2000 but that’s kind of it and for Air they can receive F4-ICE which is likely to come along Fox3 update and typhoon germany IMO isn’t hated but has nothing new to bring to the table or those new things would be like always critizied as hell because german playerbase is the least skilled one of the whole game just before the US and USSR ones.

IMO many ppl cry over germany because they have the reputation to be a very strong military because they had very advanced tech in WW2 and this is why so much ppl complain when they see they’ve lost most of their power and tech advantage in the modern era but that’s normal a gold age doesn’t last forever in the Future of Toptier the nations that’ll dominate sky, and ground to some extent, will be France, Russia, Sweden and eventually Israel and China but as most of their tech is US crap it’s still hard to estimate. So especially for you @MythicPi stop whinning this is just how it is we are not in 1940 anymore germany is just average in terms of power.


Wut? Germany has tonnes of modern stuff that can be added. Just look at this list: https://forum.warthunder.com/t/list-of-ground-vehicles-of-the-federal-republic-of-germany-possible-additions/

And that’s not even including East Germany.


Its also not including the Dutch vehicles, which have a good argument for being added as well, such as the Dutch CV9035NL MLU, which would be a great sidegrade to the Puma S1 (if they fix the 20+ major bugs on the Puma that have been passed to the devs but havent been fixed yet…)

Or some other subvariants of the 2A6 or other vehicles

AH yes you mean cheap copies of USSR vehicles i don’t include that as modern stuff russia never ever hit modern era except with the SU 27 and Mig 29 but that’s all. IRL all their vehicles are old and rusty new vehicles aren’t mass produced.

See the thing is that the vehicles you all mention are not german and basically what you want is just to have the russian tree in the german one and some prototypes so i still am right when i say they have nothing NEW to bring to the table all you want is already in game tanks that would get destroyed as easily as actual Leo2 + german community made themselves hated this much on their own they always complain and say that germany suffers while they dominate many BRs but ok. As a comparision example Italy, France and Israel don’t dominate any BR at all but as germans skill less player base seems to also be brainless i’ll let you go with that one.
And if we think the same way regarding any other nations USA lacks 200+ vehicles, USSR 200+ too and so on and so forth if you included every little crap as long as germany spoke about it then yeah the list is long but if you stay real there isn’t much to do.


And I would like to ask you to go to the “Suggestions” category and you will see the huge amount of suggestions for German trees. The same applies to almost all nations, but you would notice the rarity of Suggestions for French and Swedish trees, which could have many suggestions.

By going to the old fofo, however, we can see that many suggestions were made for the French. Have they been migrated to the new ones? Well no. Many suggestions from the old forum concerning the US, USSR, GER, UK and even Israeli trees were migrated to the new one by the players but also by the Forum Moderators themselves, on the other hand those concerning France were dropped. So no Germany is not forgotten. The golden age of Germany was the 2nd World War and a little less after, nations like France it is the opposite because it is today what an exelle, and yet the Developers pretend to know nothing by adding vehicles to it only drop by drop, they prefer to add a large quantity of Soviet vehicles for the most part of the prototypes resembling almost line for line to other vehicles already present instead of adding prototypes for nations like France which have what it takes but which does not interest Gaijin.

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It’s just that for the moment Germany has nothing much in stock in terms of modern vehicles and if you noticed gaijin has more of a modern vehicles focus than WW2 or cold war ones.

This is easly one of the most inaccurate sentences written by a person.
Just for the count, MBTs alone;

  • Leopard 2A7V
  • Leopard 2A7
  • Leopard 2A6MA3 & 2A6A3
  • Leopard 2A7A1
  • Leopard 2A8
  • Leopard 2 TVM min & max
  • many other variants, including prototypes and tech demonstrators, easly over 15+ vehicles that could be added.

In terms of IFVs there’s just as many if not more, icl;

  • Lynx KF 31& KF 41 with Lance 1.0 & 2.0 turrets
  • Boxer CRV Mk. II with Lance 2.0 turret
  • Boxer IFV with Puma turret
  • Puma S1
  • Puma VTJF
  • Marder 2 with 35 & 50mm cannons
  • Boxer w/105 and 120mm cannons

etc etc.

so i still am right when i say they have nothing NEW to bring to the table

You need to be quiet because you’re wrong at every level.

There’s tons to add, and they’re pushing out a new vehicle/variant nearly yearly now, with IRIS-T seeing 5 - 6 different ground versions in SLS mode for SHORAD purposes.

would get destroyed as easily as actual Leo2



Bro be having a pea at the right same place he should have a brain for god sake.
Now i’m gonna think the same way as you do so :
France MBTs should be reinforced with the following.
-Leclerc EAU
-Leclerc AZUR
-Leclerc XLR
-Leclerc Terminator
-EMBT First Iteration
As well as many AMX and Nexter prototypes vehicles which could mean at least 15+ vehicles too.

And IFV’s should be reinforced with the following:
-ERC 90 Sagaie
-All VBCI variants
-All VAB variants
-Modernised AMX 10 versions with stabilisers and better shells.
Easily can regroup more than 25+ vehicles.

Also the armor values and penetrations values shoul be modified or new whells provided because France has neither of these features, 575mm pen for best shell and can get penetrated almost everywhere in the frontal plate and turret by everybody. Only thing german lack is hull armor. But as you want to keep complaining event though germany dominates all the WW2 BRs be it in ground battles or air battles. Just accept the fact germany became average in terms of power level after Cold war.


Whataboutism is strong with you.

First you claim Germany has nothing of value to be added as they lack modern vehicles, then you ignore examples given, and at the end you write a list of your own by completing the circle with a strawman by saying I am complaining, even though I didn’t mention how Germany performs at all.

You should start using your brain instead of telling me to use mine, clearly I have my brain on my shoulders, while yours is on vacation away in Greece.

I swear to God, French players are the most elitist fishes in the pond, seeing only France and nobody else.


I swear to God, French players are the most elitist fishes in the pond, seeing only France and nobody else.

That’s the answer of an English speaker 🤣

I swear to God, French players are the most elitist fishes in the pond, seeing only France and nobody else.

Finally, by saying that, you group ALL the French people together, so you’re not really better off either, in this squabble everyone is right and wrong at the same time. In any case one thing and sure is a thread on the French TT, period.


Finally, by saying that, you group ALL the French people together

In all honesty there’s like 6 French players in existence based on top tier queue numbers, and 4 of them are clones of De Gaulle :"D

Joking of course.


That’s why Germany has a better air tree than Soviets [not Russia].
That’s why USA & Sweden have better ground trees than Soviets.
That’s why the best top helicopters in the game are British & German.
France has the best CAS, a good heli, and good [tho inaccurate armor] tanks.

the only thing France is lacking tbh is its light tanks which is a significant part of there military

I am ready for the recon vehicles personally.

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but that’s what most nations are lacking when they are added it will be loads of fun

Although quite rare there have been some suggestions on French light vehicles so don’t hesitate to take a look, Well it’s a bit of a mess in the suggestions (thanks to the new forum), but using the tags I think you can find them, after all broken there are only 6 or 7 suggestions for the French you can’t miss them. 😅

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hopefully with the chassis in game we could see the Vbci Philoctetes but don’t want to turn this into a wish list so ill leave it at that

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LOL. It also has practically no SPAA for half of the game.

Essentially, playing France, be it in planes or ground (Naval and Helos are practicaly non existant game modes, atm) is like playing WT in super hard mode but without benefits. Line up are extremely poor (with one or two exceptions mid-game) and often lack even basic vehicles, let alone back up ones. Good vehicles are often rare event ones or premium, even when they were widely produced and used in combat. In general, this is not limited to France, of course, because of the silly way Gaijin makes money, if you don’t play German, Russian or American, you are condemned to play in super hard mode anyway. It’s just more egregious with France which, unlike other nations, has more potential because of its defense industry.


This is more an issue relating to France being new and not necesarily because of anything else. Though I do agree about playing on a Handicap if you play anything other than US, Soviets or Germany, Other older nations, like GB have some major issues.