Why does gaijin hate france

france is currently the only faction in the game that managed to worsen the economy and level up with the economic changes, ALL REPAIR COST VALUES RISE PROPORTIONALLY WITH THE ECONOMIC CHANGES… from rank III to V it’s unbearable play de france, because the repair cost values ​​and the performance of the aircraft are very bad.


You didnt play French tech tree before the start of the year … At his implementation, french TT was 25% expensive than all others nations …

The french economy was progressively ajusted and today are comparable to others nations.

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Yes that’s true Gaijin has “stabilized” the French economy but hasn’t made the French Nation accessible to everyone (mainly new players), between certain vehicles that require adjustment, the choice of underarmed version of the ship, it’s missile screaming like Nerf by some and correct by others, the lack of communications from its coastal TT and lots of other problems it is undeniable that gaijin shows the minimum syndicale regarding French TTs.


And let’s not forget that ppl claim that the fact that Gaijin does not hate France because we got a Navy and we already Have M2000-5F which is the best CAS of the game even though it was meant to be an interceptor but has no tools to do such work LOL.
But lemme tell you the adding of French Navy was just an act to make ppl think they do not ignore France but hell i’m laughing so hard the whole tech tree has arms cut almost no boats that featured AP has Ap shells at all.
I do not FIRMLY believe Gaijin hates France for now but my choice will me made after addition of The MICA EM, if the missile doesn’t have it’s proper maneuverability, range and tracking capabilities i quit WarThunder i don’t want to play a game that forces me to abandon the nation I like the most to play US or USSR in order to have fun.


I do not think that France has a special “victim” role in this BR range. If you compare it to Italy or Japan the things for them are much worse:

Highly overtiered vehicles with usually much higher repair cost than technically seen far better US planes.

From my pov France benefits from the fact that their copy+paste US aircraft (rank III and IV) come with the artificially reduced BRs from US players, despite i assess them as far better pilots (on average) than the “standard” US pilot.

I played some years ago the premium Yak-3 (purchased via warbonds with an inactive account) and from what i remember the French pilots were quite good. No opinion about jets at rank V - i play WW2 props only…

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Not just Gaijin.


All the repair costs for France that were high are at reasonable levels now.

@Uncle J Wick@live

Eh, most of the US aircraft in France are at good BRs.
Including F-4U, F-6F, and so on.

France is new. And still has gaps and issues that come from that. Trust me, they hate britain more

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Quit now then, cuz theres no way the MICA is coming into the game modelled “properly” the missile is too good and France has no step in between

The missile is literally equivalent to PL-12s.
That’s not “too good”.

Imo Gaijin didn’t “hate” France in particular. They hate everyone equal. Except maybe 1 - 2 Nations. 😉


nope, 3 nations: USA, GER and RU…

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Nope, 10 nations.
All of them.

Last I checked, PL-12’s werent over the shoulder capable HOBS missiles

Tf are you adding Germany in there for? They havent received a new rank 7 ground vehicle in almost 3 years and constantly get the shaft at top tier in air rb as well.

Easily one of gaijins most hated countries, with the only reason they bother to even add new vehicles being that its a popular nation and probably the second most paying playerbase besides russian players.

They are, along with many other radar missiles.

They were loved, some of the most OP stuff at the BR6 ish range is German. But they’ve had a falling out recently


BTW Germany has a better air tree than Soviets right now.
They went from one of the worst to one of the best in about a year.

Recently? Most of that stuff is from like 4+ years ago, if not more. Thats like half the games lifetime. Players need to grow up and stop having such a hardcore hate boner for Germany its getting rediculous.

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*Relatively recently

When you compare it to a nation like GB, which seems to be suffering at all BRs at the moment with a few edge cases