Why Does Gaijin HATE Australia

They definitely hate the Commonwealth.
Australia is bad
Canada is worse
And New Zealand basically doesn’t exist.

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Hungarian “What if T80” just a week away!

Yep, that is 100% how I’m expecting them to “fix” Italy top tier


Wait what


Would of been funny if it wasn’t lol

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Can’t agree more.
I never saw Gaijin gave any powerful vehicles to UK and Commonwealth Country.
And as you said,not a single NZ vehicle or plane exist QWQ

They gave all the trade T-72/T-80 which are not so powerful to other TT to ensure the OP of Russian TT lol


I mean vehicles and planes,that’s a light cruiser lol.

Hawaii has a Union Jack in its flag. Should every US vehicle stationed in Hawaii be in the UK tree?

They had it for a weird reason not because their head of state is the King at the time Queen

I know, my point is the AIM has no business being in the UK tree, especially over something as irrelevant as the Union Jack.

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The point isn’t the flag its who they are under
The flag is not a coincidence
The airforce is called the Royal Australian airforce
They are linked ok
Understand that


Yeah, understand that Australia isn’t a sub tree and the Abrams is an American tank.

The thing is India being a Commonwealth nation was used as reasoning for the T-90.

Yet this don’t apply to the dommoins? You know the most Commonwealth of any Commonweath nation.
Their reasoning for the squadron tank should mean the Aussie AIM and the C2 Mexas should be in the UK tree.
Heck, things get worse when looking a operators. The UK was a large user of the Ram II tank and is in game when they added it. Yet they gave in to the US under the name of a Canceled order making it effectively a paper tank.
To top it off the US didn’t ever use the tank.

Yea it isn’t a sub tree and we still get their stuff if needed ADATS is an example and T90

I would like to get the T-80 and just skip the entire Russian TT, ngl

The T90 was at least a variant built in India.

You should know that UK didn’t build a single piece of India T-90 but it still lost itself in UK TT.
The reason of its appearance is that it’s a Commonwealth nation.
Since Australia is Commonwealth too,why not M1A1 AIM?