Why does Gaigin bother with upgrading graphics?

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yeah I understand what you are getting at but even though I’m at a disadvantage to some others who may use (whether they have to due to lower power equipment or choose to for the advantage) I use movie graphics because I enjoy the graphics and how it feels to play and those settings, it makes the game more fun for me even if it is unfair, the only problem I’m consistently running into that I haven’t checked other graphics settings for to see if they have it too is: how long dust and smoke stays in the air blocking my vision from say a team mate respawning and their body exploding for it, it causes me to lose more 1v1 engagements than I care to admit simply because I can’t see lmfao yes skill issue but it’s what I think

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Because its one of the benchmarks in gaming industry.

ULQ has some disadvantages as well. Distant tanks dont render properly. Distant objects are completely pixelated in ULQ which makes it harder to spot enemies without using the scope or binoculars. In air battles planes often disappear if they are infront of a cloud. Which is a big disadvantage in sim.
I know ULQ can give unfair advantages in some cases that’s why gaijin should only make ULQ available in weak systems.

Upgrading graphics makes the game look nicer and feel more real when you play it. Yes, ULQ may objectively give you an advantage, particularly in ground, but the truth is that the majority of players are not abusing ULQ and for the ones who are not abusing it, updated graphics makes the game much nicer.


it’s as simple as the fact the game is very old and it looks bad, some people won’t even play games if they look old or in war thunders case, it’s age the game is over 10 years old!

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Not exactly stunning but good enough

How would Gaijin go about eliminating ULQ users?

Just a thought, gaijin should add a system where the launcher detects system specs and it locks to that with some limited control over it


it looks like a general skills problem and not the pros and cons of ulq

There are two options:
first, you admit to yourself that you are a vegetable in this game with no idea what is going on and you start working on it
secondly, you blame ulq, another player’s bigger monitor, better mouse, Internet connection, keyboard, armchair, lighting in the room and whatever else you can think of still being a vegetable
do what you think, because others don’t give a shit anyway
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i agree with this
and most games by default have something that detects hardware and sets a recommended by default

If you think War Thunder looks bad, please tell me what games you’ve been playing to compare it to.

The only gamemodes that hinder your performance if you turn up the graphics (<-- some people find this debatable) are ground RB and ground sim. In other modes, it just makes the game look better.

Also, some people also don’t care about that disadvantage in those modes and just want their games to look great.

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It can be true that the OP is bad and it can also be true that ULQ/low graphics players have an advantage over higher settings.


it may also be true that he repeats old beliefs about the validity of this statement. ULQ has changed so much over the years that it does not provide any real advantage today. He would know this if he understood how it works and what its disadvantages are in relation to low settings. I would just like to remind you that the server enforces the rendering distance, which was the biggest advantage of this mode over other settings. It imposes greater blur on the image compared to other settings and, above all, eliminates transparent pixels, so the image becomes less transparent.

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It still provides an advantage for a lot of people to use lower graphic settings in general. It doesn’t necessarily have to be ULQ but just low settings does the job usually.

The biggest advantage to me was the fact the map was barren and barely had any detail besides the very obvious tanks moving through it. This is in contrast to movie settings where a tank can hide in plain view sometimes.

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Because most players prefers pretty graphics.

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I personally still switch to ULQ mode if I want to play jets at the top level for one reason only, the lack of the sonic boom effect. Even though ULQ makes it incredibly difficult to track targets in the sky. They simply don’t provide any other way to turn it off. People have their own habits and things that irritate them, just like when they changed the location of the friends list and messages button from the top to the bottom bar. Well, I was so offended by the game that I was even ready to look for something that would break all the rules just to destroy the interface and put that stupid button back up where it was and I had been used to for years. However, there are people who don’t give a damn about it and have accepted this change without much significance

I read your paragraph and do not understand what you are trying to message here.

when u have to pull up payer stats to make a point youre quite a loser.
if i wahtch your stats i know what kind u are.

so youre A: the luckiest dude on earth by getting 80% of times the dominant team or B: using 3rd party software to make such a big impact to win so often.
Its in a 16vs16 game absolutly impossible to get such high win rates.
#Gauss dispersion

back to topic:
if you sit on one side of a hill the oponent on th eother side and you cant see his hatches on top of the tank and ge is shooting your barrel… thats skill issue?
maybe its not ULQ, maybe a 3rd party software can help there too?
i dont know.

easy solution: eherything that would be covered by foliage or the top layer of soil in high quality graphics would not be rendered in ULQ. easy solution and dosnt impact the old PCs, becaus whats not rendered will not impact the performance.

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I mean that graphics even on max (I don’t use ultra hq option) are not bad by any means but not really that great. A truly stunning game would be six days in Fallujah imo