Why do you keep forcing mbt's onto tiny maps

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i kept trying to make suggestions for better map types geared towards more high tech vehicles like ifv’s and mbt’s but they keep deleting them lol


How many threads about this do we need ffs.

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Can’t wait for North Holland (not satire (literally)) because of its great mix of city and country. Will be interesting playstyle.

More, as long this problem exists.


Sadly its only going to get worse with the shrinking maps its also going to make spawn camping worse too, like why should i push forward in a city map in my chally 2 its a death sentence because unlike the leopards or T series tanks its only got good armour on the turret cheeks and unlike the abrams or Type 90/10 its incredibly slow and the reload is awful its a hull down sniper thats forced to fight CQB i genuinely dont understand gaijins obsession with shrinking maps while adding vehicles made for increasingly longer range combat


It’s okay, the Challenger 2 will become invincible once the update drops. The breech weakspot will be no more!

Good. I just hope they don’t nerf it in other ways to compensate.

Im tired of getting my breach constantly knocked out in my C2

The new Eastern Europ-, I mean Holland map is looking lit!

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I like the Sarcasm. Iam just baffled sometimes about the jumps this company can do. On one side they write realism on everything they can find and then, they let tanks fight in knife ranges.