Why do we actually have a Conquest mode in ground battles?

Why does Conquest exist in ground? Nobody likes to play it!
Isn’t it time to kill off Conquest?

And to all of you who are rushing to explain how much you like Conquest - you’re full of shit! We all know you hate single caps too.


You’re not everybody… Whilst there’s a vocal dislike of it, it doesn’t mean everyone quits out like you’d think they do…

I rush the point consistently, and if you can’t keep up and support, then that’s not my problem.


“And to all of you who are rushing to explain how much you like Conquest - you’re full of shit!”

You just couldn’t resist.

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You’ll get a better response if you explain why it is bad.


That’s just a perception/mindset/lineup/skill issue…


There are valid reasons to dislike conquest.

For example, I don’t really enjoy it because there is very little back and forth, and often the first team to get the cap, keeps it. It also is a very outdated gamemode for the vehicles we have in war thunder.


That’s why you leave it to the light to go cap it and you support them… Otherwise you go light and rush the cap…

I run my m18 or my panther out to the points, constantly, and people don’t understand why I don’t care about my KDR… It’s only part of the game.

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Battle is good for longer games and farming XP/nukes, Domination is good for more diverse gameplay/strategy as most players on maps go to one or two caps leaving one open for flanking. I agree that conquest is the worst of the three.

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The worst game mode by far is the one where each team defends its base. 99% of the time the team that pushes loses. It’s a crappy mode where camping is rewarde

I like conquest battles. Why & who hates that. IDK. Normal game mode in which you don’t need to think of bases on the sides and can use all power against enemy.

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We need MORE game modes…not less. I like conquest and i would like them to add some more modes to keep variety up…
In conquest i get more room to manoeuvre as more player go to the single cap…so those going around are less and can do different things…
If nothing else…tactics and issues are different…


The problem with Conquest starts cause there are 3 versions of it for every map and only 1 version with the 3 cap points, so you have a much bigger chance to get Conquest mode than Domination or Battle modes. Then you have the kind of gameplay it brings where both teams focus in a single point of the map and where usually the first team that captures the point, keeps it and wins. If teams are unbalanced this mode(Conquest) just amplifies the problem.
To add to this, Gaijin, had the brilliant idea of restricting the flanks in some of the Conquest maps, making them narrow and even more focused in a small part of the map.
It’s not that I don’t like them, it’s that I mostly get bored by them, by the frequency that I get them, by the gameplay they bring and cause they usually make matches much shorter and even more unbalanced.


I don’t mind them too much. They make the objective more of a battleground instead of spreading people out across the map, which makes it a challenge to make a successful cap, but it can allow flanking and unexpected tactics to work on players overly focused on the battlespace around the cap. I’d perfer them on larger maps that have better flanking routes instead of smaller maps, but that is part of the dice roll that is matchmaking.

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I dont think so…Domination are the rule and conquest is FAR less frequent…and Battle is downright rare…
The odds of each type of game are not related to the number of options…there is some algorithm that clearly favours 3 CAP games.

Hence me thinking this topic makes little sense…OP is complaining about a mode a lot of player like and that is actually less frequent…

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I hate most maps in the game, true; as far as Conquest goes, it depends. If it’s a reasonable sized map that allows for flanking routes to cover the cap as your team advances it can be good, if it’s cramped and and made arbitrarily narrow like the Conquest Hurtgen maps then yeah it can be trash.

edit: AB thread nvm

Frankly, I wish Advance made a return even if its a separate playlist (just like before). It was really enjoyable and pushing through the entirety of port novo was really cool. Holding an entire push on your own and being the one to take the capture point made for really engaging gameplay.

Iirc you were restricted to three spawns on top of having spawn points, I think we can do away with the three spawn maximum imho if it were to come back though at the same time that’d lead to dragged out matches so, idk.


If Conquest is the single cap mode, then yeah it kinda sucks due to how snowbally it is. It’s very easy for one team to dig in very early and snowball from there. Having the cap move (like a classic king of the hill or frontlines mode) would do wonders for the mode.

But that’s why you push fast, whoever doesn’t loses…

When I get to a contended cap, I’m waiting on the rest of the team to come save me, because I can’t let go of the point, and NEED someone to actually get who is on the cap.

Definitely… Even the chickens that think the match is a waste so they sit back off to the flanks sniping, quitting out as soon as the match isn’t looking good.

There’s so much to this game but some people are deadset on this ‘Don’t like it, remove it’ or the ‘It’s broken’ quip.

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Thing is every suggestion about what they want, if someone else comes in to disagree with that they turn on whoever countered and get all agressive and abusive toward them.

And even more to the point, they’re not posting suggestions, they’re lodging them in the discussions section as it doesn’t need approval, and they then build on thier suggestion as they go.

They’re commonly gatekeeping, much the same as this thread on the outset.

It doesn’t actually matter what mode it is, the point I raised had nothing to do with mode, but the OP seen fit to deride me at the outset of me even commenting once, hinting at medical conditions further on to try and rile me up.