Why do I keep getting banned?

Hey there, im running into some sort of problem and i desperately need help. i have been banned twice on 2 seperate accounts in the last few months and im looking for info or a possible resolution to get one or both unbanned. i havent been cheating, never have since playing on PS4 since 2018ish. but now that im on PC its a constant issue. I was just in a game with my buddy and after we finished i got booted for “unsporting behavior”

Would EAC be picking up the modding software i have for other single player games and thats the reason for the bans? (WeMod and Thunderstore Mod Manager)

I spent a lot of money on both accounts and thoroughly enjoy the game, and im just trying to see if theres something that can be done to help out or give me some insight as to what is being pinged to cause a ban.

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Twice on 2 seperat accounts? Iirc you are not allowed to have more than 1 account.

I believe one will be a play station account and one a pc account

He still also has this one, so its overall 3 accounts, so 1 is still too much.

Zmetek86 already guide you to proper address. Please use provided link.