Why are you buffing R-27ER when Aim-54C is still a copy/paste of Aim-54A?

Aim-7M is a copy/paste of Aim-7F

Aim-54C is a copy/paste of Aim-54A.

How come Russian missiles are not copy/pasted and routinely get buffs that improve their performance a great deal while American missiles continue to be lazily copy/pasted.

This is why people say the game is rigged by bias developers.


It’s a good point, instead of tweaking the R-27ER it would be nice if they could actually give some attention to the USAs C&P missiles.

Or better yet, spend some of that time to add the AIM-7P with data link so that the Sparrow isn’t so much worse than even the base R-27R


choose quality(mig29) or quantity(f14)

mig29 has the worst r60m

other have either better IR missles or better quantity of missiles

its balanced.
If you still cannot beat mig29 with only two r27er, then the reason is your skill

Or fixed the 3 or 4 outstanding bug reports for the Skyflash


If you need more than 1x R-27ER to get a kill, then its a skill issue. 2x R-27ER = 2 easy kills


did i mention 2 missiles for 1 kill?

Dont take it from your head as it`s mine

my point was that as rule, when real fighting begins, mig29 already used it`s r27er.

while R27er certainly does not need a buff, you and others should do some basic research before keeping on saying that the AiM7M is a copy paste AiM7F because it’s the other way around.
AiM7F (and AiM7E/E2) behave like they have an inverse monopulse seeker when they do not. If the AiM7F was realistic it would be trash compared to what it right now

the 7M as it is in game, is a literal copy paste of the 7F. one could argue it’s somehow worse. it’s SUPPOSED to be a 7F, but with better tracking at lower altitudes, but I have a vastly easier time with the 7F at low altitudes than with the 7M.


Because the 7F is COMPLETELY OVERPERFORMING seeker wise. Again, if we go realistic, the AiM7M is exactly as it should be while the 7F is tracking in situations where it should not come even close to be able to track

And Mig29 makes up R60’s bad performance with its flight performance.

Sounds like skill issue.

Did i missed something, how did the R-27ER got buffed ?

30 → 35g max pull

Drag decreased by 20% iirc

Total delta V decreased by 15% iirc

Total delta has been decreased

its buff/nerf

Its a small nerf to its unrealistic short range performance and huge buff to its long ranger performance to compensate. IRL the missile was trash in both areas.

I love how the Russian copers here argue that the Aim-7F should be worse, but conveniently leave out the fact so should the R-27R and R-27ER. IN FACT The developer himself stated on the old forums the R-27ER was not effected by the drag nerf patch when the Aim-7F/M were. So explain to me this magic overperformance. Oh wait…you cant… Nothing overperforms in this game like a R-27ER launched at close range. Its literally 2 free kills. If you say otherwise you are coping because your too braindead to use them correctly.

I have a question:

Why is it that American missiles are copy/pasted and NEVER TWEAKED WITH FUTURE PATCHES.

While Russian missiles are given overperforming mechanics that are VASTLY unrealistic and then continually update them with patches over time. In fact major buffs all around to the R-27ER since it was released. It just keeps getting magically better and better…weird.

I cant wait for my Amraam thats a copy/paste of the Phoenix.

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SkyFlash go brrrrrrrrrrrrr

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Yea those skyflash nerf outcries are all over the forums. Oh wait…

I mean… SkyFlash should be better at low altitude than AIM-7F because of it’s seeker, but why would they give something good to Britain?

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