Which was the best and the worst tank project that has been made

Just thought of another, the Bishop 25PDR mobile artillery piece, while the gun was underwhelming in every way possible, its mobility was rubbish, as it was on the Valentine Mk.IX chassis I believe, but It had very little vertical gun traverse, meaning the crew or engineers would have to build hills and slopes to even get their shells to impact target.

Still think it would be a fun vehicle to see in war thunder.

Here’s an entrenchment made for it.

One with its crew, but not in their natural habitat of the North African desert

Less than 150 were built, and only produced for a full year before completely switching over to the Sexton, or as the American designation, M7 priest.

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The only way to even begin “balancing” the Maus (and by extension heavy armor in general for late-game) is removing all the old long-since-redundant postpen nerfs for APCR, APDS, HEAT, HEATFS, and HESH, as well as further buffing large HE. APCR also needs a calculator overhaul to be much closer to real penetration numbers (like APDS now generally is).

Being a damage sponge is not fun if you’re just sitting there soaking penetrating rounds repeatedly disabling your breech(es), barrel(s), tracks, or all three. That’s just delaying the inevitable - it’s only fun when you can shoot back and not be barreled before you can properly aim and fire.

The artificial survivability imparted to the Maus (and late-game heavies in general) by ammunition meant to kill them having piss-poor postpen is why so many of them still sit at ludicrous BRs.

APCR and APDS with enough pen to comfortably punch through the Maus’s turret face should take no more than 3 shots tops. Artillery caliber HE already one-taps it. HEAT & HEATFS should be as effective as the first two, if not more so. The Barn and AVRE should annihilate anything they so much as hit unless it has ERA, period.

With the “fake survivability” gone from the Maus and all other late game heavies, their BRs would plummet. Then they’d be able to frontally stop shots more regularly.