Where is the armor on the Namer, Gaijin...?

How can the vehicle possibly weigh 61 tons with no armor at all?

The side armor can’t even stop an RPG-7 with this CE thickness, let alone the Kornet, which we know it can stop.

You can also see there’s an entire part of this vehicle that’s hollow between the crew and side armor.

Why is there just a huge 400mm~ pocket of air armor where composite should be? That’s got to be wrong.

Also, how is this plate 30mm thick if the second plate is 20mm thick? How does that work?

The Rear Door is absolutely NOT 30mm thick as seen in this picture below.


Here’s my bug report on the door.

Namer’s Rear Door is not 30mm thick. Visually Identifiable. // Gaijin.net // Issues

You screwed up Gaijin. Please fix all of this ASAP.


I’m a bit confused
Are you wondering why a missile with 1200mm pen + tandem is able to go trough the side of a vehicle?

  1. That missile should NOT go through the side. There is video proof of this online.

  2. Even if it could, the effective thickness is still only 70mm CE. That’s not even enough to stop a fucking Bazooka.

  3. How can a vehicle almost identical in weight to the Merkava 4 have 0 side protection, roof protection, belly protection, and rear protection?


Is it nera on the side?

They didn’t model any at all internally, except the front plate, which is so absurdly wrong it’s not funny.

The Namer APC holds the title of the most protected military vehicle in service.


Don’t know enough about the missile, feel free to show some vids

Are you refeering to the NERA plates?

Rear seems to offering similiar protection, just off by like 10mm in some spots
roof protection seems to be increased since it’s add composite armor with NERA ontop of the already existing 30mm rolled armor that you find on the merkavas
For the side, you got added external NERA on the upper part but you lose the composite armor
Front has slightly more coverage with composite armor + NERA compared to the merk 4 that also goes out a bit more to the sides

So based on these, makes sense it’s less protected in pretty much every spot besides the front and roof
But looking at what’s removed and whats added, idk if that 4 ton difference makes any sense

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I doubt I could send those here, especially since the video limit itself is only a handful of seconds without Youtube.

However, there are plenty of cases of this vehicle being hit by handheld Tandem RPG warheads on par with the RPG-29, which penetrates at least 600mm. The armor on the Namer is also not NERA. It’s a type of armor called SLERA, which has yet to be modeled in-game at all.

I’m pretty sure they’re SLERA plates, but I don’t know for certain. Even then, there should be armor behind them internally.

As seen in these two images, you can see that the upper sides are hollow for some reason. They should naturally have armor there, but there isn’t anything at all. Just air.

Yes, the armor is pretty decent all around, but the modifiers are far too low. As an example, the 600-800mm LOS composite on the Merkava’s turret front is only around 300-400mm effective against KE and only 1000-1100 CE. These should be much higher since they currently have a modifier worse than Rubber and despite being 20 to 30 years newer than Chobham, it’s significantly worse in LOS protection.

It’s 60 tons only in the hull. There’s not nearly enough armor in this vehicle to justify the weight.

It doesn’t. It’s official that the armor removed from the turret was redistributed into the hull of the APC. Despite that, it lacks internal composites on the sides, which it should have.

This vehicle should have the best hull protection out of ALL vehicles in the game. There’s no question about it. It’s only 10 tons lighter than the Challenger 2 TES while having all of its armor in the hull alone.


i think this bulging part is to make room for things inside the hull, like systems and storage and whatnot no? .Namer

i agree that the side armor is very lackluster though but i think that might be more in how they’ve modeled the composite.

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The bulging at the back isn’t what I’m pointing too, I’m pointing to the upper sides in the front and middle of the vehicle. The rear is absolutely storage, I agree, but the front sides aren’t as seen in this image.

You’ll notice that under the slope is nothing. There’s just a huge gap of air until you get to the side armor plate.

Also, on the topic of electronics, Gaijin has modeled them wrong as well.

These are cameras, so why can the vehicle have its electronics knocked out if one gets hit? Standard optics aren’t treated this way, so it’s weird.

They have not modeled any internal side composite.



What is this!!!

Merkava’s armor is already sad (worse than an IPM1 or a Leopard 2A4), but Namer’s armor, which is just 3 tons lighter despite missing the entire 27 ton turret, is also kinda sad…


I’m pretty sure they have the Merkava 4 weight incorrect. Every Israeli source I see says the Merkava is 80 tons, not 65 tons. It’d be weird for it not to be the most armored MBT in game as well.


Its tough. On one hand, I want the Merkava and Namer to get their proper armour, but on another hand I don’t want it to become overpowered.

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The 30mm and spikes hold this back from doing a lot of damage. All vehicles should get proper armor. The Namer in its current state is unrealistic.

In Gaijin’s ads, they claim this game is realistic, so I’d expect the damage models at the very least to be as close as they can get them to being realistic.


Maybe I’ve become too used to the idea that I have no armour and I can’t survive anything though. Maining Israel does that to you lol

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I tried to argue that once.

If Merkava Mk.4 weighs 80 tons, it certainly won’t be for the fun of it…

However, many players started bashing me until I had to delete the post because “Gaijin would surely just increase the weight but not the armor”, even though Gaijin’s main defence not to improve the armor is that “it would be impossible to be better for this weight”… although I don’t know anymore, hahah.

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they also blatantly joked about how bad the spike is, it feels kind of insulting to be honest.


Problem is that unless it’s Russian they do the bare minimum unless you basically steal a Namer and drive it to their headquarters to prove otherwise.

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