When is the garbage ground economy going to be equal to air?

I mean for real, the ground economy has always been garbage, you need to be using premium + premium account + getting half a dozen kills + hope the game lasts long enough and win the game to even get over 10k RP, whilst an average game for air is already 10k, half decent games are 20k RP and good games are into the 40-50k RP range.

Even if you capture every single zone and kill every single enemy by yourself, you’re not going to get 40-50k in ground forces.

It’s already a lot more difficult to do well in ground forces, in air you get shoot some missiles across the map, you don’t get ghost shelled, you don’t have to deal with ODL, volumetric garbage, you don’t even have to engage other players as you can go for bases, ground targets or AI planes and still earn a decent amount of RP whilst stock tanks you’re just going to suffer over and over and over and over and over and over and over until you unlock modules to be competitive.

There are 10 nations in the game, already more vehicles than anyone will be able to research in their lifetimes and you’re already not honoring the promises made to add nation bonuses according to the roadmap with same weak excuses, all we got were some lousy skill bonuses that do very little.

And to add insult to injury you allow people to grind through the air tree quickly and then reign hell down on tank players for the last decade but you’re too incompetent or unwilling to even make an attempt at alleviating the issues, you didn’t even bother to separate BRs from air to ground as if that is somehow the same mode.

Ground forces are a joke currently, the balance is a joke, the economy is a joke, maps are a joke… every aspect of the game is neglected and all that is done is selling premiums… so now that you’ve made your money maybe try improving the content of the game, which doesn’t mean to just make half the maps inaccessible.


The economy is fine, especially after all the latest changes. If you’re losing money, you’re just playing at a BR higher than your skill level.


Silver is better, RP is not, so it doesn’t matter as you need both to progress as for some reason we need two grind walls, you can have 10 million SL in your account and nothing to spend it on.

Planes still make a ton more money regardless.

The topic of the thread is about why ground is different than air. “It’s good enough” is off topic and not answering the question. Even if, for sake of argument, ground IS good enough, then why is air way way MORE than good enough? Still doesn’t make sense.

If ground needs to be this level for Gaijin to make optimal money, then why is Gaijin throwing away money by making the price (to skip grind) MUCH cheaper in air than the optimal price?

Etc. One way or the other, it doesn’t make sense as long as these are wildly different from one another.

A good game in ground


vs a good game in air


Not like tanks aren’t also 400k RP to research, and generally have even more vehicles to research whilst getting significantly less progress per game, in which air also dominates.


Actually, he hasn’t been playing for months. When I pointed it out to him several times, he played two games a few hours ago. Check the replay server. He hasn’t played before that for longer than the replay server remembers (was like 120 days displayed in forum). He now rather plays forum thunder it seems.

In your time spent playing for hours a day in the last few months, or whatever you do, have you come across anything that disputes the facts laid out in the thread? If so, share it? If not, I’m struggling to see the point.

I wasn’t talking to you. But as you are now talking to me, here you go:

My own perception of the game perhaps?

My own perception of the game perhaps?

Literally “just trust me bro” vs hard data and screenshots? No, you came across nothing. So that was all a waste of time. Back to the actual topic, please.

He has an idea of how he wants the game to be and complains that it isn’t. OK, it isn’t the way he wants it. Thats tough for him. But he already stopped playing months ago.

I am not telling you to like the game. I am just telling you that I like it. But what are you telling me? “The game sucks, just trust me?”

What else is writing on this forum really?

You disagree that ground and air should have the same progress rate for the same time and effort? Why? That’s actually interesting. You could have just started with whatever your interesting reason for that opinion is from the beginning, which is on topic. But whatever, we’re there now.

Dear god dude, let it go, holy crap man, this is like the 4th of 5th time today you’re bringing this up, let it go.

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I wasn’t talking to you, I just pointed out a fact to SadLamer. Then I made the mistake to answer you.

As planes are unequal to tanks, why should they automatically have the same progress rate? Planes are part of all modes, tanks are not. I am not making a case for grind equality, as I see no compelling reason why it has to be equal. Yes, it takes longer. So?

It doesn’t matter who you’re replying to. Does or should the game change the entire way it’s balanced based on who you’re talking to at the moment? No, so that’s irrelevant to the topic.

why should they automatically have the same progress rate?

Because the humans playing a video game would value things like “reaching modern vehicles” vs. “enjoying WWII vehicles” the same amount as one another. Their time is equally valuable. Their time is equally available after work. Their wallets are the same size. Etc.

It makes no sense why you’d charge a wildly different price for the two (“price” in WT is functionally the inverse of grinding speed per minute), unless they have something wildly different about them. Which they don’t.

Then you have just given yourself a good reason for the difference:
Humans are not the same! Their time isn’t equally valuable. Their time isn’t equally available after work. Their wallets most certainly don’t have the same size. There goes the logic of your equality.

Arguing for the sake of arguing.


Miragen in a nutshell

Says the person who constantly invites himself to a conversation with literally zero to contribute, just so he can be a part of it.

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You have got enough salt.

But rant on, I am off to bed. Good night.

Do you have any valid reason for believing that super busy CEOs or something play Air modes in War Thunder, while unemployed teenagers play Ground mode?

Unless you have some reasonable theory why such differences would exist because of something about the mode itself, there’s no reason to think they do over such huge populations.

Otherwise it’s like saying “Ah but what if your vaccine trial data is all wrong because the 5,000 people you tested it on all just HAPPENED to have sickle cell anemia!? It’s possible! Do I have an actual reason to suspect that? Nope! But it’s technically possible amirite?! Better just bury our heads in the sand and never conclude anything, to be safe!”