When is Gaijin going to make win loss data publicly available

They are not, and will not be the most transparent company. The most transparent devs out there that i know of is CCP Games. They give their community a lot of tools and access to information.

Dude cited the least transparent dev on the planet that screwed over clans they had personal disagreements with… lol

Lie about it all you want to make yourself feel better.

Why in the world would you think that Gajin would do such a dumb thing? (dumb from their point of view).

Yet 99% of premiums ever added to War Thunder were brought at or above their proper BR, debunking that off-topic conspiracy theory.

Says you…
If you look into it you’re saying 99% of premium vehicles are at the same BR they were implemented at or below it?

Pretty much.
I bet the first thought that appeared in your mind was an event vehicle which you only spend money getting if you get it via the market.
Events have been used to test new mechanics, so of course some brand-new never before seen tank types came from events such as EBR, and PT-76-57, which Gaijin couldn’t have predicted their power due to like-vehicles not existing before them, and they were event so you got them for playing the game.

Then the 2nd thought in your mind was the Strf 9040C… errr, the 2S38, the Soviet Strf 9040C, which are the same BR as each other and dying rather often in ground RB matches. Safe to say neither are OP though good players can and have done well in them, and one’s tech tree.

However, there’s Porsche Tiger, its early prototype, T-28, Tiger 2 SLA, T-55AM-1, M47, M46, every LF MK9 Spitfire, Saab 35XS, F-4S, F-20 [over-BR’d IMO], Black Prince, Strv 103, Strv 121, Mi-28A, Mi-24s, and the list goes on for at least another hundred vehicles.

Undeniably agreeing on a falsehood that isn’t explained either ingame with current logic or in other games where win rates are publicly available isn’t positive.

Even in League of Legends where the game is completely centered on competitive play you do not see players only playing what is “meta” or what was played in LCS or using only what items are “efficient”. People play what is fun and what they feel like trying.

We know the 2A7 is the best vehicle in the game, it has the highest penetration, the best all around protection, it has equal mobility to most vehicles at its tier. Why doesn’t Germany / Sweden have the highest playerbase despite having the best vehicles? Especially in Sweden’s case where they have the ITO which is undeniably the best NATO SPAA?

Why aren’t people “flocking” to the tech tree in the game when only Sweden sports the best (NATO) SPAA, the best MBTs, and as of recently one of the best fighters in the game?

As this post was flagged - a few words to elaborate the underlying thought process:

  1. It makes no sense to ask for a plain figures / statistical data of WRs alone. Fellow players above have described the reasons - the context matters. A single figure like a pure WR is influenced by so many factors (up- or downtiers, mix with other nations, skill of the average user, intentional “adjustments” of BRs or “special features” within the MM) that this is useless. That’s why i included that to my initial post:

    if you have ever worked with statistical data, you might agree that the challenge is to come to the right conclusions whilst considering the context.

  2. So if somebody is asking a question as reply to my initial post like

    How have you come to this conclusion?

    …despite i explained earlier that context matters - he is obviously trolling.

  3. If then the same person feels the need to troll again like:

    so I do not believe you have the capability to judge the data’s benefits

    I do not see the need to be sensitive - if somebody is that obviously trolling and tries to question my credibility i call these attempts what they are: Attempts of some guys trying to look smarter than they actually are.

    Therefore my references that “believes” are personal things as they can’t be backed up by evidence, the Dunning-Kuger effect (which explains those attempts) and (finally) that this person has severe know-how deficits regarding basics of steering MMO video games as shown in his comments about his believes regarding functions and steering mechanisms within the MM.

  4. So the fact that one or two guys (maybe with fresh or old alt accounts) feel the need to abuse the flagging mechanism in order to silence me, is from my pov a confirmation of my assessment.


War Thunder does not contain SBMM making “skill” of individual players impossible to judge.

Again claiming without any evidence that Gaijin sorts players maliciously something other players in this thread have also suggested. You can’t possibly benefit from transparency Gaijin your players already believe you to be malicious it seems.

These two things are true. The win rate can be effected by whether the vehicle is fighting in a downtier or uptier, and whether the vehicle is placed with a nation with a worse win rate.

These two things are something Gaijin already sorts. I have complete faith that by making data public they can also include these two factors in their information so we can have full context.