When is Gaijin going to make win loss data publicly available?

Well, setting aside the fact that players also have their personal preferences regarding the vehicles they enjoy playing, and are not simply restricted to choosing those that provide them with higher earnings, even if it means sacrificing the overall enjoyment of gameplay hours…

I know it’s not the same context. But this phenomenon doesn’t seem to be a problem in League of Legends (where these type of statistics are widely disseminated). Champions with higher win rates don’t necessarily imply they are the most used. Even in a gaming community much more competitive than that of War Thunder.


Hey, something we can undeniably agree on! Cheers.

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An annoying thing i see happening would be a lot of threads being made along the lines of “vehicle X has a win rate of 55%. It needs to go up in br” or the opposite.

People will use win rate to determine if a vehicle needs a br change even though there are many factors that are outside of just the vehicles stats.

The lack of communication from gaijin is a bit on the annoying side. Especially when most of the community looks to leaks to get information all at once rather than wait for multiple dev blogs over a period of days.

I don’t see them changing to be more transparent with the game , since they have a different view on how to run business than western countries.

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I can give you that point to some extent, there’s always a saturation point when there’s not more people joining because of favoritism towards a nation but rather the oportunistic FOTM dudes, the most obvious example is Sweden wether for Air and Ground.

And yeah i was going to answer your comparison between WT and League, but the exercise it’s far-fetched from the very start as the broken feature rule/FOTM doesn’t only apply to champions, but to a number of features around them as well like builds, spells, and teamcomp. Anyways.

You’re presuming that IF they released the stats, said stats would be accurate and legit. What are the odds of THAT happening? After all, it wouldn’t be difficult to present stats that back the Gaijin narrative and how is anyone gonna prove otherwise?

They don’t because once people actually have conclusive data on what the best performing vehicles are, everyone will flock to them

Better let it be that way, then Gaijin will be forced to intervene and rectify the imbalance as soon as possible. Instead of relegating it for considering it of low priority, while a small group of players to exploit it indefinitely. Is it truly harmful for the game development to adopt a proactive approach by inducing the own urgency to address issues, rather than constantly embracing that damn passivity?"


That is an argument. There’s not much you can say against it.

A very good MBT, but I’d still say the STRV122B+ is the current best MBT in the game.

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As I said in a previous post, win rates have nothing to do with specific vehicles, but as you stated in your posts people will make stupid statements based on lack of knowledge.

Gaijin is among the most transparent Western game devs…
IDK, maybe I’ve been playing too much DCS which is ran by among the most secretive developers in the industry.
Then you have giants.

To say they have NOTHING to do with specific vehicles is naive at best, disingenuous at worst. Sure it doesn’t guarantee success if the user is rubbish, but are you seriously suggesting that if a given vehicle has superior survivability and/or weaponry than it’s opponents (regardless of what the PUBLICISED specs state), that averaged over a significant number of battles it would not outperform other vehicles in it’s bracket and consequently have a higher win rate (all else being equal)?

A vehicle’s power is going to be determined by KDR compared to same-vehicles ran by the same person, then that number compared to other players.
Win rate will never be a factor in how powerful specific vehicles are unless you honestly thing the F-5A/C is bad.

Win rate is the indicator of TEAM SKILL.
Stats 101.
Game balancing… I forgot the course this was tied to.

Out-performing means KDR by the same person using like-vehicles.

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You are forgeting that the other vehicles that are around it also affect win rates.

If the maus was put to 6.0, the win rate of german tanks from 5.0-7.0 would increase. Did the tiger 1 suddenly get better?

Win rates only show the general state of the nation around that br area.


The thing is that, as far as I know, Gaijin judges the vehicles by their win rate.
So any discussion about whether it makes sense or not is irrelevant for the time being. Isn’t it much more about seeing the real numbers?
In the end, there are so many factors that play a role in the overall performance of a vehicle that you can’t say either the win rate or the K/D is the sole factor for an assessment.
The rate of up- and downtier must also be considered.
Because there are players who are clever enough to spawn certain vehicles only in certain situations. I will no longer bring a heavy into a full uptier.

Will dig it back up later and share it here, yes.

You’re both forgetting a critical factor. Besides useful actions (which include to but are not limited to kills and therefore KDR), Gaijin says they also rely on performance indicators that have to do with progression, that is to say, economy and research.

Players often forget these parameters because we tend to focus on pure performance more, but they’re extremely important from a dev perspective.

So win rate in isolation is probably not a factor, but winning a match does have an impact on economic parameters, so it’s still represented in the data set at the end of the day.


Gaijin has not nor has ever used win rate to determine power of vehicles and change their BRs.
I need only point to the CL-13 incident, where players increased the combat performance of the aircraft which made it go up.

That’s new for me. Thx

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Here it is: [Development] [RoadMap] Economy Revision - Our Plan in Detail - News - War Thunder

“We have conducted long-time tests on thousands of random players, by increasing their progression speeds with different ratios and analysing their long term engagement compared to baseline.”

EDIT: I should also clarify that this type of A/B testing is extremely common among many industries and it would be very surprising if they weren’t doing it, so I don’t consider this to be especially troubling or unexpected.

I feel similarly for the possible existence of an EOMM.


They are not, and will not be the most transparent company. The most transparent devs out there that i know of is CCP Games. They give their community a lot of tools and access to information.

Dude cited the least transparent dev on the planet that screwed over clans they had personal disagreements with… lol