When is Gaijin going to make win loss data publicly available

Expecting legitimate feedback while withholding basic fundamental information regarding ingame performance is asinine. This can only mean one of two things. Gaijin doesn’t want player feedback, or Gaijin is incompetent and doesn’t realize the value of said information. The latter certainly doesn’t seem to be the case when they themselves reference win loss data frequently in balancing blog posts.

Gaijin should endeavor to produce an easily accessible chart of win loss data per vehicle similar to the one already formatted using Thunderskill data [ WT Data Project ] . The major difference being providing all player statistics rather than those who have linked with a marginally supported website.


Yes release that, what could possibly go wrong! It is not like everyone will jump on FOTM train even harder for easy wins. Nah that would never happen.


What does “FOTM” mean?

Flavor of the month.

This simply happens because after 2-5 games people realize that playing against the new OP premium or top of the line tank/jet/heli whatever that is 20x better than the other nations stuff is simply unfun and wanna join the winning side.

Releasing the data is not going to change a lot, if something at all.

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Google it, and it’s the first result.

That requires honesty. If theres nothing wrong, show us.

How do you come to this conclusion?

Does this not already occur when a premium vehicle is released and people see content creators make videos about it / see its performance ingame?

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Read the paragraph above that.

You can share the result with the thread if you wish.

The paragraph above mentions concern over what you call “flavor of the month”. This doesn’t address the main points of this thread as stated in the title comment.

It already got stated from te post prior to mine, but if you insist…

FOTM or Flavor of the Month refers to those WoW players who choose a class right after a patch has buffed it, or change class because their previous class is no longer invincible.

I believe this behavior occurs already with the promotion of new vehicles and user generated content around said vehicles.

For example with the Vidar and its inclusion:

You fall for clickbait on the regular then. Good thumbnails and a ‘reknowned’ creator will lure you in without even trying.

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Whether someone “falls for clickbait” doesn’t dispute that the behavior already occurs.

honestly, isn’t this already happening?
the idea of releasing data about statistics is something that many companies in the past have done already, like even TF2 with Valve when that came out and was in heavy dev, unbalance isn’t the fault of data in the hands of the players, it’s the exploits of a broken system, it’s a mere reflection

like what next? are we gonna disable the forums and replays when people start conspiring about cheaters and repeat offenders making gaijin the most money buying premiums?

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lolwut, that’s pretty random…

You may just be being outplayed rather than someone actually being nefarious.

why not use yahoo?

I’m not even willing to risk that search engine and it’s been 20 years since I hit it.

that’s not even relevant, the guy already admits that a FOTM train might develop with these stats lmao wtf do you mean by nefarious and outplayed