What's with sudden jump in tank capabilities?

I’ve noticed a lot of the new top tanks skip a generation of vehicles. Instead of adding the next step up in performance, it’s two steps up. I’m a bit concerned about this causing too much compression and powercreep. Are other players concerned about this or are you ok with just getting the more famous/exciting variants instead of ones that might fit better?
Examples of what I mean:
Leopard 2A7V instead Leopard 2E
Challenger 3 instead of Challenger CLIP
T-90M instead of T-90AM
VT-4B instead of VT-4
Strv 122B+ instead of 122C/D
Even the SEPv2 could really be replaced with a SEPv1 with M829A3 and accurate armour

I see the appeal of the more famous tanks that were added, but am also concerned about compression and that the alternates will either be extreme powercreep or DOA if/when they ever come. Too late really for this update, but to set a precedent for future ones. Any thoughts?