What will be the impact of aim9m on Premium vehicles?

Im just about to buy mig23ml , but now I hesitate

Ahh yassss, I also wanted to buy all 11.3 premiums but since we are getting R73 I decided not to lol

JK of course, and I honestly dont know if this is some sort of a subliminal outrcy against the addition of AIm9M but In case if its not:

I doesn’t matter, Your options when playing against F16 and Mig29 are already limited - you’re like 90% dead when one gets on your tail. Your playstale might change a bit, the addition of 4th gen missiles won’t be much of a deal, you will have to pay attention a bit more.

Keep in mind that the performance of R73 and AIM9M its still a dev server thing(they will be nerfed on live and prolly like one year afterwads after gaijin gets the “statistics”) so don’t join the salty part of the community that complains about it ;)

Thats why decompression is a must, the new models of F16 and MIg29 should be from the start like 13.0 or higher, while the previous ones 12.7 or so

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Wait until the update releases, we will then know if aim9m and r73 ruin 11.3 planes.


11.3 next update will be like 11.0 this update, you will see constant full up tiers, do not buy an 11.3 premium right now, you’re better off looking for 11.0 or lower until Gaijin announces another wave of decompression


Sadly we all know 13.0 won’t happen
Pretty sure the Best we can get is 12.7 but even that is a big if


Question is how to balance that
F16 block 50 / mig29smt 12.7
F16a mig29 yak 141 12.3
F14b aim9m 12.3 or 12.0 without
Non Sparrow/python f16 also 12.0
F14a 11.7

Or all f16/mig 29 /yak 141 to 12.7 and then down from there?

maybe they shouldn’t have added premium vehicles at top tier… maybe it was a terrible idea that most of the community hates…

not to mention you should be more worried about the R73


Agreed, those 11.3 premiums are really annoying, the 10.7 and 11.0 ones are fine though tbh, i don’t think anyone is too upset to see the F-104S or Kfir Canard

No one is upset when they see a F-104S because it sucks

It’ll be good next patch though

How so

Top tier will be 11.3 - 12.3 making 11.0 see mostly downtiers, obviously the F-104S isn’t the best 11.0 but just being 11.0 is enough to do well. Like 10.7 is now.