What the hell wrong with you Gaijin?!

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Yeah ADTW is only for base bombing, nothing more. Radar is useless

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… They raised all the top tier jets to 12.7. im not sure what else you wanted?

why did you @ those two? those two individuals don’t effect that in any way

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Those two are community managers, who else i should @ ? There is no BVVD or Yudintsev to @

Let’s see.

How about… Mig-29, M2K, TF3, F-14A, F-16A.
Hope i didnt miss anything…

community managers don’t effect the game development… and you don’t have to @ anyone.

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You should write your concerns, opinions, and suggestions about the game in the bug reports pages or technical sections of the forum in a polite, constructive manner.
If you want them to actually be considered.
But if you are just venting like a petulant child, I guess dealing with that IS Stona’s job…

Do you honestly think how you put it will make a difference

Of course not. But I saved the mod’s having to do it.

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I still don’t get why this is something new to people. Gaijin doesn’t want game to be balanced or fun. They want it to be “fun to play sometimes”, but most of them they want game to be unbalanced enough that players won’t just revolt and quit, but unbalanced enough that players are encouraged to buy GE and prem vehicles.
Events are good example of this. They spent ton of time to maximize the grind and frustration of players to point where they want to spent GE or play unhealthy amount of time.

You cant make game balanced, because then you might make it “Too fun” to play and then many people even if the grind is long would do it and not spent any money. I get it that WT is F2P and they have to make money someway and its the 2-3% players that bring most of the money to Gaijin and those people spent way too much money, but they are the ones that keep WT free.

Even if you spend money its unhealthy

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unhealthy amount to get anything…True.
I don’t even want to check my account details.

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You even know what CM is need for?

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