What kind of squadron is this?

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A squadron full of botting scumbags that the devs seem to not have little care in dealing with.

Why all the big talk about combating these blatant non legitimate players that break multiple EULA rules yet nothing is done to nuke every single account of that squadron.

Much of the NF community hate that squadron whenever they see Shoti ships those stupid bloody straight sailing aimbotting bastards, I’m surprised they unbanned the actual player of the squadron as they banned them yet unbanned them later even through they’re clearly the creator.

If in battle show no quarter be from the enemy side, or your own via ramming actions forcing them to run aground and scuttle or by TK’ing them.


They banned the guy behind shoti basically the same week he tried ground botting. That account is still banned… there was a convenient glitch on the “banned” graphic on plauer accounts last month, so it doesn’t show anymore but Gaijin says that’s unintended. His 100+ naval bot accounts have never been touched. But then we apparently had no “player” accounts banned at all in August, for anything. Zero.

It is the only the lack of any current ToS enforcement that makes War Thunder a very bottable game, as we go into a very bottable fall crafting event, which shoti is perfectly set up to profit maximally from. It’s just the first all bot squadron, there will be others.

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Ahh my bad on that then mentioning the banned account, I never heard anything else on it just people being worried it was unbanned. (of course they only acted as the botter tried GF typical imho).

But yes I noticed that as well there wasn’t a ban post last month, Hopefully that means they’re planning a mass ban this month yet I have my doubts.

You could argue the MRGN was nearly fully bot squadron which appeared just before Shoti and you’d run into up to four of that squadron in battle unsquaded (although it looked to have a few legitimate players mixed in).

MRGN was the same bot accounts. The -shoti- guy started there and split away. All the shotibots that used to be in Marginals changed their squadron affiliation the same day the shoti commander did, on July 1. If you look at a shotibot account with a start date before July 1 they were in MRGN before, I have a squadron screenshot of them all lying around somewhere.

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