What are tech trees for airplanes used for?

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and some might say that that weapons diversity is what makes the game interesting. different threats require different reactions/actions to mitigate and that’s what makes the game interesting.

Of course, the moment gaijin leaves nations without new additions, or at the very least upgrades to said additions, it becomes rather boring… or very unfair, when you’re expected to fight a plane that does absolutely everything better than you and you are entirely at the mercy of whether the enemy makes a mistake or not.

That isn’t fun at all.
(In my humble opinion)

As J Wick pointed out, sometimes it ends up that vehicles are thrown in to supplement a BR range for a certain nation. A fairly contentious one is probably the Gripen in the British Tree imo. Britain is a bit stuck, as Gaijin denied any idea of a “what if” EAP and seems to be reluctant to consider the DA.2 EFT, which means we’re stuck until AMRAAM equipped F.2s/Tranche 1s arrive. Which could be a little while for a new airframe. Of course, we could get an upgraded Tornado. But it’s not a nice prospect.


It is actually the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

United Kingdoms of England,wales,Scotland and Northern Ireland

England is very much in game

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I can concur

Okay, so we are being pedantic. 🤦

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Not true

Of course it is - just like Bavaria and Minnesota.

of course - there’s nothing else interesting in the thread!

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Yeah it is

What i said was the same thing

No, you didn’t - there is no such entity as the “United Kingdoms of England,wales,Scotland and Northern Ireland” - neither Northern Ireland nor Wales are kingdoms.

Oh dear - some pur wee thung got all upset by this - didums!!

Bruh what aircraft do you want to be added? Unique vehicles always get priority, and do some research before you go spouting C&P. Usually theyre different enough as they have a different designation. Not all C&P is C&P and what else are you going to do when multinational development is the norm.

This argument is so stupid. Suggest unique vehicles if you want more unique vehicles and you will realize that it is a dwindling amount.

This is true, however in the case of the Israeli tree as I cited earlier, the difference in weaponry and threat diversity remains rather slight.

The case of England does not pose that much of a problem because it only concerns a single plane witch close a real gap. For other countries in the game it becomes problematic: the Hungarian planes do not complete much and have absolutely nothing to do with the Italians, the Finnish planes which also do not fill Br for the Swedes and which give planes Soviets to a country having a strong history against them…

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There are many unique air vehicles and variants of planes already in the game that can be added, you can check it out for yourself
Latest Suggestions/Aircraft topics - War Thunder — official forum

If “unique” vehicles are the priority of the game you will have to explain to me why the brand new Hungarian tree has NO Hungarian vehicles but only Russian planes with different camouflage as well as a Grippen witch was already in the game. Where are the “unique” hungarian vehicle, or even Cold War plane that are not in game like the L-29 and L-39, or their early fighter variants from the start of WWII

My argument is not to prevent nations from having the planes they had but rather to review the way in which the under trees bring vehicles which have absolutely nothing to do in certain nations

Why add the Hungarian tree to the Italian tree if not to pretend to bring content, the two countries have nothing to do with each other and bring Soviet vehicles to a Western country , this is what I protest against
Likewise, adding Indian vehicles to the English tree is risky territory, unless you want to see Mirage 2000s and Mig-29s added to this tree.
Or add Taiwanese vehicles to the Chinoix tree, would it make sense to put Mirage 2000s and modern F16s in a tree with a dominance of Russian vehicles?

I am not full of the addition of copied and pasted vehicles or present in different nations, I just notice that today, certain nations in the game have lost their coherence, a Western vehicle does not have to receive the Soviet armament in the same way that a country with Soviet equipment does not have to receive Western armament, even if it is to fill a gap in the tree

If we do not respect the consistency of the game trees, the research system is no longer useful, what is the point of climbing Russia, Sweden and the United States trees when you can obtain the same plane by only climbing up 'Italy


L-29 and L-39

I need to have a private concersation with you behind a shed. Just keep facing the wall.

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I have just noticed my mistake on the producer of the L-39, however my point remains the same, the Hungarian tree could at least have had the originality of having this plane

Furthermore, I also apologize for my lack of clarity in what I say, English is not my mother tongue.

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It is Great Britain is the whole Island that includes England, Scotland and Wales
They were kingdoms and now they are united

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It isn’t, in my opinion. What I want is to have unique jets at top tier, and if multiple nations have them (eurofighter for example) I want the best version of it. For me nations like Italy, Israel and UK are at the bottom of my “nations to grind” list. I will probably never get them. Japan is also pretty low but at least it will have one somewhat unique (debatable) jet at top tier, the F-2. China is also not high but they will get more of their own designs at some point.

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you can check it out for yourself

Yes, I know that, I try to even add stuff myself.

the L-29 and L-39

People have been shouting at Gaijin to add the various trainer jets and COIN aircraft. On that point I agree with you that these should have been made first especially as Italy has a lot of trainer jets themselves.

Why add the Hungarian tree to the Italian tree if not to pretend to bring content […] add Taiwanese vehicles to the Chinoix tree.

Hungary being added to Italy is a contentious issue. Personally I wouldve preferred Iberia to be added to Italy but Hungary’s connection to Italy is a lot more concrete. I agree that they should add more unique Hungarian vehicles but I disagree with the problem in having Soviet Vehicles on a “Western” Tech Tree. What makes a nation “Western” or “Soviet” especially as the Soviet Union has collapsed. Its a pretty limiting view point especially as multinational development is now the norm, not the exception - even in the Cold War Era.

As for China, well both nations insist that they are the “true” China so of course they can share vehicles because to separate them just results in a worse player experience. I understand that one can get pretty annoyed at the seemingly C&P vehicles that are being churned out but in regards to the last update, its a minor filler update so its the perfect time to introduce somewhat C&P vehicles but heres the thing of C&P vehicles, theyre almost always unique variants.

I guess what Im saying is that its alright to be upset but it would do good to not dismiss “C&P” vehicles because they have a place as well even if they dont “theme” well as the power of minor nations is on their versatility while major nations (USA & USSR) has the advantage of choice (as they have everything). Historical matchmaking had been removed already so it doesnt make much of a difference even if some nations are a combination as its almost guaranteed that it will be a combination when the game is played with the exception of WW2 which is already pretty unique and well balanced. This is even advantageous for the player as now one could go grind their favorite minor nation without missing out on the major nation’s experience (frequent updates) but at the cost of being a relatively smaller tree.

I would have preferred too

the only link between italy and hungary goes back to the second world war during which they found themselves in the same camps, they have no vehicles in common whether by plane or tank. The links with Spain are a little more visible, they have been allied with the same countries since the end of the Second World War and share certain equipment

First of all, for the moment the game focuses on planes from the Cold War (Russia being named USSR in the game)
The problem of having soviet planes in a western tree is a problem of consistency and brings back to the name of the topic, what are the game’s research trees for if all countries can obtain any planes, there are players who ask to have a Pantsir or a SU-27 in the American tree, it doesn’t make any sens.
The point of research trees is that you choose which nation you go up to get specific planes, that’s the whole point, if you can get all the different types of plane by going up just one tree, the game model is no longer useful

This is not an advantage, a tree which only has vehicles from other nations no longer has any flavor, there is no longer any merit in saying that you managed to finish a tree known to be hard because of its planes which are different from the others when we add vehicles which make it simpler.
At one time, we could say that the Italian top-tier players were particularly courageous because they had to go through a difficult climb phase with technical planes to play (G-91, F-104), we could say that these players had managed to pass a difficult stage of the game.Today, with the addition of the Mig-15, Mig-17, Mig-21, Mig-23 and Su-22, Tier VI and VII of the tree are no longer even complicated. The planes are generic and allow an easier grind, the tree has lost its difficulty and its superb