WEP Display

I love the new display that shows percentage of throttle and WEP. Would it be possible to add the thresholds for the Afterburner stages with it?


No, because stages are different from aircraft to aircraft, and some modern engines don’t use stages but instead modulated fuel flow.

It’s possible, it would just be a next patch thing because of the difference between eras and aircraft, as well as the engines. Reason be of next patch, is pretty obvious, that you don’t want something to be rushed and not be properly modeled.

especially no, because gaijin doesn’t model different stages of afterburners and makes it a continoum.

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Different stages are modeled on a number of aircraft.
F-4C and F-4E for example have their stages.
Mig-21Bis as another example has its stages.
There is no “continuum” for staged engines.

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