We need PL11 to provide BVR capability to J8F

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To this day, the J8F still does not have the corresponding BVR capability. I believe that adding PL11 and its modifications to the game as a mid range air to air mount for the J8F is appropriate.

Although all three versions of PL-11 have slight performance improvements, they are still essentially an AIM-7E-2, with performance not exceeding that of AIM-7F/M. Therefore, I believe that adding PL-11 and its modifications to the game as an air mount for J8F is quite suitable.Moreover, the current J8F is one of the few top tier aircraft in the game that does not have semi-active radar missiles, which is unreasonable in terms of history and gameplay. Other top tier aircraft that do not have semi-active radar missiles have outstanding performance in some fields.
For example, the Hammer 2000 is better than ground attacks, while the F16A (F16 BLOCK10) has one of the most powerful body performance in the game. So I think my requirements are reasonable, and I also hope to see PL-11 and its modifications added to the game as soon as possible.

  • Some photographic evidence:

JL10A radar for j8f

Technical Specification Requirements for JL10A Radar at the October 6, 1995 Meeting

Three models of PL11

PL11 on Blackhead j8 (top) and PL11 on j10a (bottom)

PL11 on Blackhead j8 (top) and PL11 on j10a (bottom)

Book Reference

Gordon, Yefim; Komisarov, Dmitry (2008). Chinese aircraft: China’s aviation industry since 1951.Hikoki Press.
International Standard Book Number 978-1-902109-04-6
《Chinese Aircraft: China’s Aviation Industry Since 1951/Chinese Air Power Yefim Gordon》:

P85: The j8f radar is 1473 radar evidence, and the 1492 radar can mount PL11 evidence on j8h (successful PL11 shooting in 2002)
P83/88: j8c can be mounted with PL11, indicating that the 1471 radar can guide (below the figure), while the 1473 radar is improved based on the 1471 radar
P90: In the j8 family diagram, it is proven that models after j82m can still guide r27r1 even if they cannot guide the PL11
P97-98: Both the j10 and j8f radars are JL10A(1473) radars, and there is evidence of PL11 in the JL10A(1473) radar armament

Website Reference

Prove that jl10 is being upgraded to jl10a in the plan, where jl10a is the model used for jh7/j8f/j10a, and jl10 is being abandoned. And in the future, the jl10/jl10a has added the function of guiding Aspad missiles(PL11), among which the jl10a can be compatible with PL12 missiles

The article explains that the j8f is equipped with the jl10a or 1473a radar and has the ability to transmit pl11/11a. And the 1492 radar of j8h also has the ability to transmit PL11/11a

3.Wayback MachineSinodefence.com
Introduction to the Development of PL11 and Three Models

4.如何评价歼8系列战机? - 知乎
In the model introduction, the 1492 radar of the j8h can guide the PL11, and the jl10 radar or 1473 radar is equipped on the j8f.

5.Wayback MachineSinodefence.com
Prove that the j8f fire control radar has a radio command transmitter that can be used to guide the PL12 radar missile

It is mentioned in the article that PL11a has a radio command receiver, so it can accept j8f radar guidance signals

The PL11 paragraph in the article clearly states that there were still j8f that had PL11 installed before 2006 due to insufficient production of PL12

The article explains that the j8f is equipped with the jl10a or 1473a radar and has the ability to transmit pl11/11a. And the 1492 radar of J8h also has the ability to transmit PL11a.


we need pl11


We need PL-11!


We need PL11!!!!


If anyone believes that the information is not true, please provide the information you believe is true. Please don’t make trouble here without reason.


Well founded

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we need pl11



J-8F is 1492 radar’s user, not 1473.《中国飞机全书》has claimed this issue.

So can’t you see these two. Moreover, the j8f and early j10a are the same radar, which has been released for a long time. There is also an article explaining that the 1492 radar can hit the PL11, which I will release below.

The name of this book is:
国际标准图书编号 978-1-902109-04-6.
《Chinese Air Power Yefim Gordon》


@魔法少女安东哥 Personally, I think could add Shenyang J-8H and Chengdu J-10 early because access SARH BVR PL-11

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We need PL11,can’t agree more

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we need pl11!


PL11! We need it!


First, There is only one J-8 fighter equipped 700mm diameter class pulse doppler radar. It’s J-8B 04 prototype for “八三工程”. J-8H planed to equip this radar but in the end it equipped Type 1491 radar (14所900mm口径级别的第一型雷达)

Second, you have quoted 《我国第一部脉冲多普勒雷达研制历程》in 2nd pic.You must know it never mentioned J-8F equipped JL-10 series radar. Only planned to test on J-8B 04 prototype mentioned above but this plane was operating another radar test mission. So they chose two JH-7s (code 83 and 85) to finish JL-10 test mission.
And one last thing. Foreign articles about Chinese weapon and military information has really much mistake. old forum has《中国飞机全书》full version.You can download and read it.

What you said is indeed reasonable, but neither j8h nor j10a can be added to the game in a short period of time, and it is unreasonable for j8f to only have pl8, both in terms of gameplay and history. j8f must at least have bvr capability and can save another j8h of time.

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We need PL11!

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Honestly they could just give us the F-8IIM, give it R-27Es, PL-11s and PL-5E.
It wouldn’t be too OP as well bacause of the airframe restrictions.

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i need pl11

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I have read your file and it is indeed well founded, but I still hope to add PL11 to J8F, after all, J8F has almost no outstanding advantages in the game.
Apart from faster acceleration and head aiming at the PL8, I cannot see the highlights of the J8F, let alone the lack of any structural reinforcement compared to the J8B, which gives it almost no head-on advantage when encountering other top-level aircraft with radar guided missiles.
And other top-level aircraft without radar guided missiles have their own obvious advantages to support their BR.