We need gaijin remake l2pso and puma!

Why the L2pso have no D-ARMOR and additional armor? that player had posted the evidence that l2pso have Ultra clear thermal imaging and D-ARMOR and Additional D-armor,the issue had already passed but gaijin!!! they said no!!!
this means that gaijin breaked the rule that they made!!!
is a realistic l2pso for germany top tier unbalance?just look at russia,T80BVM,T72B3,Mig 27k, ka52, pantsir,are their any country have the stength same to russia?
the sweden have Strv122B(plss),but they have no CAS and great jets
Americans have F14B but Abrams is a bullshit
germany? if a l2 want to penatrate BVM,he need to aim bvm’s weakness,but bvm can penetrate l2A6 as easy as a hot knife cuts a butter
we need gaijin remake l2pso,it’s not only for germany ,but also for all other countrys!who can promise that gaijin won’t make this bullshit again?maybe next time,to america,to uk,to sweden,to china
we also need gaijin add “spike” atgm to PUMA,tell me why KF41 can have spike but PUMA can’t have?
how can puma at the same BR with BMP2M and 2s38???


Sweden great jets.

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So if you did not live under a rock, you would know that the Puma model in-game is not the same model that can equip spikes. Wowee.

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definately puma in game can use spike,i’ve seen the contact place on the left of the turrent,also,how can puma stay at BR 10.0?

You are right, its still way too low. 10.3 would be more fitting for now. In fact, how about we take every vehicle in the german tree and move it up .3 br to compensate for all the german mains bringing the stats down

All jokes aside, Puma could go to 9.7 without a problem. It isn’t two BR steps better than Begleit.

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I wasnt joking. The Bagel panzer should have gone up with the rest of the vehicles in the area, and could then have gone up another step. The PUMA right now is incredibly strong at 10.0. People really undervalue these light tanks with a lot of survivability and good rounds for penning MBT’s in weakspots and at agles from the side.

lol,go look at bmp2m and 2s38,compare to these vehicles and M3A3,warrior,look around you will find puma at 10.0 is totally a joker

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