We need AIM-9X. NOW, Gaijin!

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First of all, @Stona_WT and @Smin1080p are forum moderators meaning they have no power over what comes to the game.

Second, we absolutely do not need the AIM-9X. The AIM-9X is an absolutely insane missile on the level of the IRIS-T, Python 5, and R-74M2.




Thry’re CM’s, who else i should adress about such things if not CM’s?


Pardon me, I meant CMs. Either way, CMs do not have the power to change the game.

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Show me same performance with any western AAM and then i’ll agree.

It’s not about the western AAMs ingame right now, it’s that the AIM-9X will completely break the game unless it comes alongside the IRIS-T, MICA-IR, Python 5, and R-74M2.


Well considering the AIM-9X would be better then every missile in the game but wide margin is why it ain’t coming yet

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How is that?

Add non-historical AIM-9R, F-15C with HMD, problem solved


Well a smokeless TVC IIR missile would be broken if added right now

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At least I assume gaijin might consider AIM-9X Blk.I on 4th gen fighter aircraft with BR 13.0 & 13.3 for Air RB and Air SB

There’s a possibility that gaijin could add AIM-9X Blk.I on strike aircraft before 4th generation fighter aircraft

Smokeless motor means nothing in term of our game.
And seeker is completely fortune wheel RNG thing which can be tweaked by Gaijin in any second.

what are you on about my guy

you ask for AIM-9X and then say nah it be nerfed to the ground

It would be better then the R73 and AIM-9M by miles it can’t be added yet

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90º off-boresight, 60+G pull, FPA detector meaning it has way better tracking, better IRCCM, and an insane range for an IR missile. These are rough estimates of values, but they give an idea of how insane it would be.

And it still has the smokeless motor of the AIM-9M and AIM-9R.


If wont be nerfed, if will be “balanced”(c) Gaijin
I’m talking about 9X only because of TVC.
Did you watch the vid?

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R73 is good but manageable, in sim the 9M is much more of a problem than the R73


That must be a very lucky shot, in my experience, R73s really like to Flip and tumble. Regardless of that, R73 is at least flare-able if you do it in time, AIM9X would be just straight up the Terminator of missiles

Yeah but 9X isn’t just TVC it whole new seeker as well

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IRL - maybe. In our game it’s “balance” things.
Dont you remeber 9L completely immune to flare spam? Or 9M with “IRCCM”, switching to a single flare?