War Thunder Mobile Submarines are a pest

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spamming the same topic is useless, it will be closed like the previous one, and this is still not the right forum, this is the forum for PC and console games

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Yea, Stona did say to hit up the discord, that’s your literal forums.

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Please go to the Warthunder Mobile discord instead of spamming this forum with unrelated topics.

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WT Mobile is very arcade game so nothing will change.

Stop posting this

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Discord is only for Beta Air Battles

Nah, Stona pointed you to that discord in the prior post. It’s definitely where you want to head.


Topic locked

Hi !

As you’ve been told by Stona and users above, if you want to discuss warthunder mobile realted topics, please head to the official discord server, as this forum is reserved for threads about the main Client.