in replays nd such then?

Yeah it got pulled yesterday now if you google search teams banned for sound mod use is only way to find it reddit users have the 4000 players gaijin banned fair play post seems hilarious their brag about 4000+ accounts banned removed days after making it

PM me the link to the reddit post.

The sheer spam of whinge and moan on some of these outlets is just sad and unbelievably covering of anything positive and directional.

Would be far easier if you just read the fair play section in the forums every couple days I mean you probably didnt even know gaijin went from bragging about 200 acounts banned 2 months ago to 4000+ last month . I am not making this up it was posted here in forums by Gaijin themselves and well 4000 is alot more than 200 its actually 20 times the amount as last time so now there is more people being busted because well people like me doing something about it and man it shouldnt be JUST US PLAYERS doing the policing I dont want to play internet detective simulator I want to play war thunder…

I actually did read it, and the list of players banned is still there…

Skill issue

Ahhhh well his logic is to “Ban em” is lot harder than it seems also Easy Anti Cheat is a 3rd party mod.

I noticed weird behavior with people pushing you ultra aggressively when you’re repairing.
For example, you got your breech shot off by someone else, but everything else is in a visibly working condition.
Then a random guy appears, pushing you head-on while having zero idea if your gun is truly out of function or not, 15-20 seconds after you got shot.

I don’t recall ever been pushed this aggressively when my gun was functional, unless it’s an unfair 1v2, 1v3 or whatever fight.

I’m fine to literally look through replays and put forth possible ‘candidates’ on the regular, however I know I won’t be seen in this because of the fact I have a few I’m trying to report directly myself…

I got a botfarm that’s been ignored for almost 3 months now.

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Yea that could be a mod I know exist 's or could be clueless players only way to tell is if he does it fairly often without chat help and if he is in a squad at time can make it impossible to detect especially when he can use the excuse of my m8 in discord told me on his mic…

He wasn’t in a premade squad, or any squad for that matter.

If it’s just luck then I’m really unlucky on that part.

Well there is a mod that does what you describe…I do get bad luck myself nothing worse than watching replay to see you sucked but at least its good to know your opponent was fair lol