Vote for the next Battle Pass tank!

Hello everybody!
Well, as we well know. Battle Pass tanks are pretty hard to get.
And since we have to dedicate many hours to get it, I think it would be fair to have a vote for the community to choose which model we want, don’t you think?

Well, I’m going to show you some suggestions that could eventually be put to a vote.

T49 =M41 walker bulldog with 90mm gun (from M48) 6.7 like a RU251

T23E4 (T25 with Sherman M4a3 turret) to 5.7

FV101 Scorpion 90 (90mm)

VK3601 (to 5.0)

VK3001 with KwK 40 to be 3.3~3.7 like PzIV F2

Feel free to support one of these suggestions or bring another one!


The Scorpion shouldn’t be a bp vehicle and should 100% be tech-tree, UK needs light tanks and a more dedicated light tank/ifv line and they have candidates for it, just not in game yet


Looking at it that way, you’re right!
But that’s what we’re here for, to debate!

Selections kind of mid, would rather have unique vehicles as battlepass.

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Putting Panther II, Tiger II 105mm and Maus in the Battle Pass would only cater to new players.
Because the absolute majority of former players already have it.

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Please remove scorpion from the list. It’s a long awaited vehicle and putting it in battlepass makes no sense


Humber Hornet could be a good option. It could give UK a decent ATGM carrier at lower BR.

The gun is not from the M48. It is an entirely different, low pressure cannon that fires chemical rounds. The only thing it shares with the M48 is the caliber, at 90 mm.

Quote from “Sheridan, A History of the American Light Tank”, by R. P. Hunnicutt:

Although the 76mm gun T91 was effective against the World War II era Soviet T34/85, the appearance of postwar Soviet tanks such as the T54 indicated that its future usefulness might be limited. On 13 January 1950, the Commanding Officer of Detroit Arsenal recommended the development of a 90mm gun installation for the light tank. Design studies proposed a 90mm smooth bore cannon to be mounted in the light tank T41. This was to be a low pressure gun with a quick change tube firing fin stabilized, shaped charge, projectiles. The new weapon was assigned the designation 90mm gun T132. Initial tests with the smooth bore gun showed that the dispersion was excessive and shallow rifling was introduced in an effort to improve the accuracy. This version, designated as the 90mm gun T132E3, was mounted in the modified turrets of two production T41E1 tanks. The converted vehicles were designated as the 90mm gun tanks T49.

The Sherman 76s use the T23 turret, not the other way around. The T25 is just a T23 with a new turret to mount the 90 mm cannon.
Besides that, T23E4 would be the incorrect name for this tank, as the prototype was never officially accepted due to HVSS making the tank too wide. A more correct name is simply “T23 HVSS”, as later on a test tank was created to see if HVSS would lower the ground pressure of the T23.
On a side note, I would prefer we get the base T23 model, with VVSS suspension as in-game there is seemingly no difference between HVSS and VVSS, and the T23 HVSS would be a lot heavier as according to R. P. Hunnicut in “Pershing, A History of the Medium Tank T20 Series” the T23 HVSS weights 37.2 tons while the basic T23 with VVSS weights 34.16.

This is not an official list, it’s just a suggestion.
And I created this topic just to discuss possible suggestions.

You’re right!

Next Battle Pass starts in less than 2 weeks. It’s a bit late to start suggesting things for the next one. Maybe the one after that…


I think the most plausible version of the T-23 would be the E3 version.

The VK 3601 with the Waffe 0725 gun would be an absolutely useless tank, due to the gun. Why?

Well, it is a squeeze bore gun, there is already one in the game on a german car. The problem is, that the shell is modelled as APCR.

Now since the last APDS nerf, even APCR started to shatter on everything, and deal absolutley no damage, even if it pens.

To top it all up, Gaijin would implement something like a 6 round ready rack for the tank, and with that 6 round, you might destroy a light tank, and after that, your rate of fire will be horrible, with absolutley no damage.

If gaijin models it as a solidshot, then that tank maybe could be good, since the penetration is close to the Panther’s penetration. But even as solidshot, the damage will be bad at best, so the tank should not have a ready rack (so the reload time does not change depending on the ammo rack location), and a faster reload time, maybe 5s aced, but 6s aced maximum.

The armor would be somewhat OK, but since the side armor is 60mm, you can’t really angle it.
The turret is a Panther-like one, so the mantlet in the middle is ~100mm or so, this means at close range potentially even the american 75mm will pen it, not even talking about the cupola.

So it is a Tiger with everything good taken away from it. Armor, that you can’t angle, no magical inpenetratable mantlet, bad damage.

I would say maybe 4.7. At 5.0, you have the Protopanther, and that is just a better at being a “heavy tank” than the VK 3601.

The VK 3001, maybe 3.3. Again, the issue is, that it has the same armor as a Panzer 4 F2 (okay, better side armor, but that does not change anything), same gun, but just slower for no real gain in anything else.

Scorpion 90. Just no. That should be a tech tree one.

The T23? Knowing Gaijin they would put it at 6.3, because why not?!
On a serious note, it could be good at 5.7.

With the T49, i don’t know. The issue is, that it has APHE, that the RU does not have.
So i could see gaijin putting it way higher than it should be.
Other than that, same as the T23, it could be good.

CORRECTION: Forget about the APHE thing, i was mistaken, it is a low pressure gun.

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It does not. OP made a mistake saying that the cannon is the same as the M48s, when in reality it is a low pressure cannon that fires finned chemical rounds.

While I haven’t seen statistics for it, I imagine it would be similar to other low pressure 90 mm cannons at the BR, such as the AML-90’s cannon.

Edit: according to TM 43-0001-28 “Army Ammunition Data Sheets for Artillery Ammunition Guns, Howitzers, Mortars, Recoilless Rifles, Grenade Launchers and Artillery Fuzes”, M348 HEAT-FS is fired by the T132 cannon, and given that they only give one muzzle velocity, that being 2800 ft/s or 853 m/s (although the document also says 832 mps even though that would be ~2730 ft/s), I assume that this is also the muzzle velocity used by T132.



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Oh. Sorry, my bad. Thank you for the correction!

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I don’t see a problem with that, I’ve been here since 2016

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the Yugoslav SO-122, a sherman with a 122mm M1931/37 gun


It would also have an Apbc round, the Pzgr 41 (W) which like the others were actively used, instead of piercing its pushing through.

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Finally a sherman that can take revenge on IS-1 and IS-2s.