Vidar's loading system is NOT manual loading

If you see in this video, K9 or Vidar’s autoloading system is automatic loading system similar to Type75 or IS7 in game. Meaning Vidar’s loading system should be automatic not manual like 2nd dev server change.


this is k9a2, in the game we get k9a1,they are different

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This video above is from k9a1 which is same as normal K9. Here is video comparison for k9a1/K9a2

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This is already the way it works on dev. You have 3 rounds ready, then after that, you can either replenish the rammer tray, the hopper arm, and standby shell holder, or wait 10 sec for them to be directly loaded one by one.

Not really,

You can see in this video that k9’s ready rack is not 3 round, rather it is entire amunition rack behind. You can keep loading the robot arm from these ready racks.

So if what i see is corectly, it is a havf/Assiested Autoloading system, and if @CurtisLeMay2846 is corect than there is alot of rounds in the ready rack, sadly tho it dosent help when it dosent have a ready rack (This pic was taken 1-2 days ago) As a notice, i have seen these IRL to i dont know enything about it since the only thing i have seen of it was the Artillery pice it self