VEXTRA 105: A Major Disappointment That Can Still Be An Exciting Addition!

The normal VBCI would be a good addition too. If I remember correctly It can penetrate 80mm of armor at 1000m and 30°. It would be a good addition in 9.0 . It also has a telemeter and thermals and is stabilized

[DEV] Vextra 105 Has Incorrect Turning Diameter: Community Bug Reporting System

Devs seeing another Vextra bug report:



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What can I say ? They kinda earn it. If they don’t want anymore VEXTRA reports, they gotta stop nerfing it for no reason whatsoever lol

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An ooopsie doopsie has been made


How is going on?
Is there any update about shell, turrent turning speed and BR?

OFL105 F2 is a WIP but will eventually come, they have to add a whole new shell to Gaijin spaghetti code after all. Armour and turning diameter is probably a WIP too but if it was going to get rejected it would’ve been rejected awhile ago now. But apart from that…


Reload we’re all waiting to hear back on. And gear ratios will hopefully be submitted to the devs soon. I know Meumeu is working on getting the internal model correct but overall the Vextra will come to the game as one of the most historically accurate vehicles.

Bit of a victory if I do say so myself:




I’m grinding the modules of BR 9.3 & 9.7, right now, it’s really an unpleasant experience.
They are always in br 10.0+, and face the PREMIUM M1, LEO2 and T72 family. It’s too sick. It’s not the days, which the leo1a5 and amxep super could dominate the full game, since the br changes and introduced the new premiums.
Maybe I will skip this vehicle and back to US and Soviet BR 10.0. There are always polished lineup in others factions.
FR 7.x & 8.x is fun and enjoyable, BR 9.x is lacking of the unique feature and experience. I have to using the amx-30 dca to fight against LEO2 in uptier games, bcs there isn’t CQB IFV. Nothing different with the BR8.7.
The vehicles in FR have a bit higher (half point, 0.3 or 0.4) BR in GRB since it joined the game. I don’t like to use all my brine cell and skill in every FR game to fighting the unbalanced matchmaking and dice rolling module damage, the amx32 and 40 can only tank 1 or 2 shell, I have to play the tank with only 2 funny crews to camping the capture point.
I stop hyping for this vehicle. However, Thank you all guys doing such lots of jobs.

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[DEV] Vextra 105 Incorrect Transmission: Community Bug Reporting System

Acceleration should be improved across the board.

Update: Report has been momentarily closed as someone (who is infinitely more knowledgeable on the subject matter than me) wants to add additional information. Report has been updated. A theoretical 0-30km/h acceleration of 2.55s is to be expected based on now available information.


Sorry it is Vehicule d’EXperimentqtion de TRAnsmission

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Hey guys.

Just to quickly swing by and let you know that the Vextra reload will be reduced to be inline with other 105mm cannons at / around the same BR on similar vehicles.

With that, I’ll jump back to my vacation and see you shortly :)


A question, what about his APFSDS in final? Still the OFL 105 F2? but currently its the copy and paste to the F3 with 325mm pen

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@Bossman919 We’ve been heard ! Is this the sign that Gaijin is finally stopping to hate on France and subject its vehicles at worse treatments than other nations ? One can only hope …

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I’m admittedly a little disappointed if its just going to be 6.7 seconds. Ah well, I guess the devs are right: GIAT spent a lot of money integrating a loader assistance mechanism into the turret for no performance benefits…


It is currently as you said a copy of another round, it will be corrected before the major update drops.


It’s French, so we’re lucky it doesn’t make it worse for no reason whatsoever.


They don’t harbor “hate” for any of these nations.

That said, I’m super happy to see the bug reports go through! That’s always a touch harrowing.

Gaijin might refuse such a radical modification, and I don’t think the Vextra105 will be the best light tank for France, we also have the K21-120/Vextra POLE. I suggest, through the ISSUE method, to have Gaijin modify the Vextra105 to semi-automatic loading (if I remember correctly, some vehicles in the game have adopted this mechanism), fixed at 6.7 seconds per shot. In this way, the Vextra105 can enjoy the benefits of the autoloader, such as ‘not interrupting loading when on fire’ and ‘no increase in loading time when losing members’, and it is more historically accurate than the current manual loading.
Please do consider my suggestion!

If I’m not mistaken, in War Thunder, the more gears there are, the faster the linear acceleration. The issue you submitted, Vextra 105 Incorrect Transmission, is changing the forward gears of Vextra105 from 10 to 7, and the reverse gears from 4 to 2. Perhaps keeping the data of the Dev server would make Vextra perform better? If I got it wrong, please correct me.

The transmission report was only providing the specifications from the manufacturer. With how transmission are modelled in-game, the Vextra will end up with 14 forward gears. But I couldn’t tell you much more than that as that falls outside my knowledge. Someone did the maths and the Vextra should accelerate much faster now.

This has been discussed with Smin outside of the forums, but even semi-automatic loading is considered a “balancing factor”. The other benefits you propose would have to be in the form of a suggestion as it would affect a number of other vehicles.

Best light tank for France yet. The Vextra POLE will undoubtedly be the best wheeled tank destroyer that could come to the game. THE K21-120/ Doosan DST XC-8 120HP would essentially be a CV90120 analogue though the autoloader only achieves a maximum fire rate of 10 rds/min. There’s also the Rosomak XC-8 120HP which was a joint project between Rosomak and Cockerill, but that could be a top-tier premium which the French researchable tree would lose nothing from.