Using the report function clearly doesnt work if players abuse exploits for so long

A player which was reported by several of my friends and strangers was reported on well over 2 months ago and is still playing the game as of today. This player is blatantly cheating and security is doing nothing about it. Please consider allowing players to apply for a security position to get rid of the problem that continues to rise with the lack of a proper anti cheat.

Video above is said proof and player was seen in a match of mine today. Same name/same player ID. I get that development time must occur but quality of life for the game needs to be considered as this is becoming a major problem which is being ignored by all major game devs and volunteers. Please stop ignoring the issue here and create a team to help or look into a better anti cheat solution as EAC has done almost nothing towards the game’s health but make it worse.


There are no cheaters in the game, comrade.

There is also no botting

I have a list of 9 or 10 bots I saw in air battles. Month later they still haven’t been banned. I even sent a video to one of moderators with one of these bots and link to github where some guy is sharing a bot for air battles.
They do nothing with this.

cheaters in war thunder are real, and they are much more frequent than you think. I remind you that EAC is the easiest anti-cheater system there can be to evade. When a cheat creator creates a cheat for a game and knows that the game is protected by EAC, he laughs happily and counts the money he will make in his little online shop.